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MS Hug

So I think this was asked already but I did not get an answer… is there a way to measure the symptoms of an ms hug? For example, heart palps, chest pressure, pain, shortness of breath.

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You have to understand exactly what the “MS Hug”, or banding, is doing to you. The symptom is caused by tiny muscles ( the intercostal muscles) that sit between the ribs and the chest wall. Sometimes, these muscles all go into spasm, a cramp like feeling, that squeezes the chest wall and ribs.
It’s difficult to measure this kind of symptom, but it’s always wise to see your GP. Sometimes, it’s not MS causing the problem.
Hope this helps.

Stumbler thanks for the feedback. I am asking my questions in a social media forum b/c clearly my dr is not helping or I want another avenue to info besides a dr. The link you gave me describes the event but not whether the event is measurable. I have been through the chest pain two times already so I really know what it feels like. I am just curious how one, when it begins, differentiates between it being a real heart problem vs. just an ms hug. Plus, how dangerous are ms hugs. For example, when I was in the ER b/c I thought I was having a heart attack, once my vitals were normal, I said – it must be something else – ala MS Hug. How is that measured was my thought so I know next time and save the time, energy and money in the ER.

I can understand your feelings. Unfortunately, the “MS Hug” is just another one of those MS symptoms that will become familiar to you.
Hopefully not all the time, but you will start to recognise it.
Your primary care Doctor may not be that knowledgeable about MS and its symptoms, which is why you feel dissatisfied with him. General Doctors can’t be experts in everything unfortunately.
But, you also have to be careful not to blame MS for everything that goes wrong in your body. Always get new symptoms checked out to eliminate non-MS issues.

Thx stumbler but my disappointment is with my neuro not general practitioner. Without insurance, my options are limited so I am doing a lot of self educating.

@soler11, your GP would still be able to reassure you about any new symptoms, advising whether there is a specific problem or if he feels it is MS-related.
It’s too easy to assume that everything is related to MS – we can get other things as well! 😥

I know. In general, I skip GP to specialty area whenever possible. For example, I am having hearing loss in right ear so I went to ENT first not Neuro nor GP. I told ENT to rule out ear then I will check if MS related. It turns out it is the ear probably because of pressure from reaction from meds. When I had that chest pressure for hours and pressure in my brain, I think it cracked a little inner ear bone and now I need surgery. Woohoo!

or rather, I should say — I am learning that nothing everything is MS!

Wow soler I really respect you for having to do so much research yourself ! Good luck with your op it still leaves you the question wich meds are causing what again good luck and I take my hat of to you !
Stumbler your so right symptoms don’t always have to be ms related . We can still become ill with other things ! Xx

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