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MS hug?

I am relatively new to this. Diagnosed 2 months ago after a ridiculous amount of tests. Doc is trying to find a med that I can tolerate that works. Avonex was awful, so Thats out. Big question I have is about the “hug” I’ve read about. My torso seems to be my big problem area. Lots of painful spasms, and a feeling of tightness almost 24/7. Sound familiar?

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1 year ago

Ok….MS Hug…..I get these about 4 times a year. My suggestion is, breathe through it. Relax….. the worst thing you want is to start freaking out. Remember….it will pass.

1 year ago

Unfortunately, I get them about 4 times a DAY. And they have not gone away in over a year, but have gotten more intense and painful. I don’t freak out now that I know what they are. Had my gall bladder checked twice because doctors thought I was having a gall bladder attack. 🙁 I read a lot about remission and replapse, but my symptoms have never been in remission since they started. My doctor hasn’t said what “kind” of MS I have yet.

1 year ago

Hi @fig57 ive only had hug once, it was a new symptom so classed as relapse & I was put on steroids, but the 2 weeks before was terrible, constant, pain. Sounds good advice from @limewillow – have you discussed this with your MS nurse. avonex is a ‘disease modifying’ drug used to slow the progression of MS & not a painkiller

All the best,

1 year ago

@dlg57, I hope you are able to find some relief from this.

I was recently diagnosed and have been thinking back to past symptoms that might have been MS related. Over the last few years, I would experience an intense chest pain that would last for a few minutes at a time. As @limewillow suggested, all I could ever do was breathe through it and it would eventually dissipate.

I always thought that what I was feeling was best described as angina (pressure, squeezing, burning, or tightness in the chest) but my doctors were never able to confirm this.

Does this sound at all similar to what you are experiencing?

1 year ago


My neuro prescribed Baclofan to ease the hug. What helps me is actually wrapping up in an electric blanket ( which I know with heat sensitivity it might not work for everyone) but it helps me and after an hour it subsides.

Stretching seems to help too, good luck!

1 year ago

I had it for one summer in the evenings, this was before I was diagnosed. I went to my GP and he said my heart was fine, told me I was drinking to much caffeine. I would just go to bed and curl up in a fetal position and pray that I would be alive in the morning, I would eventually fall asleep. I did cut down on the caffeine. Potter

1 year ago

@dekkor, yes sounds almost like my experience. I describe it as what it feels like when you draw in very cold air. Almost like I’m freezing on the inside. Very annoying and strange sensation. But that is on top of this hug thing. @alexthebrave, I’m on up to 50mg of Baclofen a day right now. Love the stuff, it’s really made it much more bearable, with few side affects. Before taking it, my feet would clench up every night, waking me, and also spasms around my rib cage. I would get them all day long, not it’s down to only a couple times a day. Yup, breathing through them seems to be the only thing you can do when it happens. I’ve had 4 children, sort of like contractions. LOL! Thanks for all the replies. It really feels good to have others that understand what I’m going through.

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