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1 year ago

1 year ago

I just relax when I get it and keep away from things that trigger it (heat from cooking in my case). And luckily have managed not to have it since a while.

1 year ago

My trigger for MS hug was heat also, I had a problem with it before I was diagnosed. I was spending the summer digging tons of rocks out of our back yard. My GP thought it was from drinking to much ice tea. Potter

1 year ago

Hello lovely. I had the hug for just over six weeks last year, and I’m so sorry you’re having to go through that feeling that it won’t go away. It probably will, and it will be so gentle that you’ll just realise half way through the day “I can breathe properly again! When did this happen?!”

I couldn’t find my ‘trigger’, it wasn’t heat, and I don’t think it was stress (I ended up being signed off work for a while). It just happened one day, and wouldn’t b*gger off! It’s really important to look after your wellbeing through this, because it can seem really dark right now. Try and find things in your day that you enjoy and make room for relaxing (be that a bath, yoga, mindfullness or just a good book).

I ended up talking to my GP (Leeds is pretty terrible for being able to chat to an MS nurse) who upped my Neuro-prescribed Gabapentin, and I worked my way up to 900mg 3 times per day. Luckily I didn’t have many drowsy side effects. I was also prescribed emergency Diazepam for when it was at its worst, to try and lessen the spasms.

Look after yourself, and I hope your symptoms ease a bit x

Yes I’ve had it. It’s better now but I get a lot of pain particularly around the hips. I’m on the max pregbabulin (the next drug after gabapentium)

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