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M&S declining? Or Thyroid problems?

I have SPMS, and thinking it was predictably ‘just getting worse’ had been getting on with it (life, I mean).
Last week, on a very rare visit to my GP, I had asked for a blood test, really just to check that the many drugs I take weren’t causing any damage to my organs; it was a BIG surprise when I was told that I have another lifelong condition — HYPOTHYROIDISM — and the best bit is that it can be treated(!).

Looking at the symptoms they’re very close to those of MS and, thinking back, I really had been dumb in not realising sooner that it HAD to be something else. I mean(!), there’s MS fatigue and nearly slipping into a coma and having your pulse being taken by your husband…

Anyway, the news that would be bad to healthy people is good to me, and in just one week I can say I’m less unsure of my footing and feel less dizzy.

I have done a little research, and people with MS are 3 times more likely to have problems with their thyroid.

So, if the above sounds familiar to you, it might be worthwhile to have your blood tested too.

With sincere good wishes to all,

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4 months ago

Hi @abbs and welcome.

Thanks you for sharing your experience with us. It just goes to show that not everything is MS.

4 months ago

@abbs, I also am hypothyroid and have been on thyroxine for years but only diagnosed with ppMS a couple of years ago. Interesting that there’s a link between
the two but it sounds like a chicken and egg situation- which came first? I’d love to know. xx

4 months ago

Hi @stumbler,
Too right(!). It can be trying ๐Ÿ˜• to hear from a well meaning listener that it’s “… probably just your MS getting worse.”.

Thanks, stumbler, for your input.

4 months ago

I got a blood test 3 weeks ago with the ms nurse for my usual checks cos I’m on Tecfidera and she had my viraminD checked at the same time. Got a letter yesterday saying it’s very low, rang gp’s apparently they don’t do prescriptions for Vit D, you have to buy it yourself. Looks like Amazon again๐ŸฅŠ๐Ÿ‘น๐Ÿ˜so a blood test can reveal a lot of things if they ask for it.

4 months ago

I get my vit d on repeat prescription @grandma ?

4 months ago

Hi @grandma. My low vit D (14) was diagnosed by a neurologist, she’d told me to buy some๐Ÿ˜ฃ… so I went to GP… she’d told me the same๐Ÿ˜ข(!). A few weeks on and I unexpectedly got a hospital prescription for the vit Ds. Don’t quote me (it was 15yes ago) but the script was for 50 or 80 thousand iu a week for 6 wks.
It worked(!) my almost total numbness of 18mths had all but gone from one side, leaving only 4%(ish) in the arm and leg of the other side.
6wks and another blood test on, the vit. D reading went up to 79. Happy with that, and knowing it works, I try to keep it around that figures by taking 1 – 4,000iu every week and getting regular blood tests just to know the vit.D number.
To save you time, D3 is the one to get,
PS Have you had your thyroid checked? When I finally got round to having mine done it was off… and I now get free prescriptions! which (ha ha) helps to pay for all the vits.

4 months ago

Hi @merfield. Yes, I’d love to know too.
My 27yrs of MS was WAY behind my first thyroid mention of last week but then again I did say I am dumb, didn’t I?
So (ha ha) what does that make me a chicken ๐Ÿ” (too scared to even contemplate another ‘illness”) and you an egg ๐Ÿฃ (starting with what MSers see as good news, to then grow into the not-so-good-news of MS?).
Do you think we could be on to something here?

Good luck, abbs (aka the ๐Ÿ”).

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