danrb80 13/06/12
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MS Card!!

Well my MS card turned up today so anbit excited as it may proove to be very useful. Was a bit of an eye opener too as it hit me a bit when you read the card that “yes i DO have MS” OMG.

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6 years ago

Mine arrived today as well….in addition to having a very interesting consultant appointment. Finding out I’m eligible for tysabri…I still feel a little bit of a fraud to be honest….but yeah same as you I got that feeling of’ ‘yep I’ve really got MS and it ain’t going nowhere….!!!’

6 years ago

please don’t feel like a fraud, and enjoy the fact that your ms is not affecting you too badly – and long may that continue!!!! Its much easier to stick 2 fingers up at the condition when it is like that as it ain’t goin nowhere as you say so kick ass while you can (if i tried to kick anything these days i’d fall over!!!!) 🙂

6 years ago

How do you get an MS card, and what exactly is it? I have an appointment with my consultant in a couple of weeks when I am expecting the official (yes you do definitely have MS) diagnosis, will I be told about it then?

6 years ago

It’s a card you can get free from the ms society.

It basically stipulates that the person carrying it has ms and that it is not contagious and that they may need help ie with toilet, or they need to rest, have difficulties with speech, eyesight, limited movement and that type of thing.

You can find the info here:- http://www.mssociety.org.uk/ms-resources/ms-assistance-card

To request one:- http://oscos2.bmc-ics.com/mss2/public/public_stock.php?categoryid=Help_Info

Creds to stumbler who provided those links for me on another post.

NB, You may need to register with ms society for both those links to work and be logged in (registration is free).

Hope that helps you 🙂

6 years ago

If that second link doesn’t work (it sometimes doesn’t for some reason). Try this one and select option 14 (help and information cards) leads to the same page…


6 years ago

Aah, thank you, will have a look

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