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MS buddy

Hi all
Hope you all are having a day.

I’m Gemma (34) I began have sympsons in spring 2013 but the doctor never seemed to put them all together so my offical diagnois of relapsing/remitting didn’t come till 2016. Im December 2017 a MS consultant said I was that the diseases had progressed to secondary.

I don’t know anyone else with MS so
I signed up to be matched as a buddy.
I’ve had no response as of yet.

I’m hoping someone on here will contact me and we can help and support each other.

(Ps sorry for the ramble lol)

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9 months ago

Hi i got diagnosed with ppms last year after a lot of tests iv had symptoms for many years just pleased i now know whats been going on lol

9 months ago

Correct, @gemstemple , I think we’re all “having a day”! 😉

It is beneficial to chat with other MSers, to share experiences, tips and tricks.

The Buddy initiative is fairly new, so is still slowly getting going. But there are other options to prove that you’re not alone.

There is the Shift.MS Map, , which plots member’s locations worldwide (if they’ve divulged their locality). There are five members located in Basingstoke.

There are also these couple of local gatherings :-

MS Therapy Centre, Farnborough –
MS Society Basingstoke Branch –

Although, you’ll never be alone when posting on the forum……….

9 months ago

Crap not with it at all lol, meant good day 😊😊
Thank you for all that information will start looking to see what’s really around in Basingstoke 😊

Sometimes it just feels like my friends/family are getting a bit sick of me moaning to them. Would be so much easier to know that what I’m through doesn’t only happen to me. Again thank you for the info 😊😊

9 months ago

@gemstemple , that damned word-thief is pretty active. I noticed he got you again! Ha Ha!

Family and friends don’t get MS. It’s the invisible condition, because we look so well, although we may be hurting inside.

The only people who really understand what it’s like to have MS are……………other people with MS!

9 months ago

Hi @gemstemle,
I’ve got it and still struggle to get my head round it, so imagine what it’s like for the uninfected bless their cotton socks, must be really hard for them.
One of us came up with this great place just for us! The uninfected come up with Facebook for every muppet on the planet.
We’re all in the same boat here so you feel free to ask anything when ever you want we don’t judge, just point you in the right direction if you need to ask.
Keep smiling

9 months ago

He’s got me know @gemstemple grr it’s one of them days

9 months ago

Thank you @highlander 😊

9 months ago

Hi Gem and welcome, you’ve already met some of our motley crew, we’re quite harmless so don’t be worried. I’m one of the old codgers here, had the beast for 25 years, still here still fighting, was dxd when there were no dmt’s for us. Then Avonex came out was on the original trial, things were great for 23 years, then rrms became spms a year ago, but they said that would happen in 10-15 years and it took 23 so not complaining. You will be ok, there are so many dmt’s available now for you toj choose from,. Good luck😍

9 months ago

Welcome to our very exclusive club. Only those with special brains and spinal cords can join so feel honoured 😉

I am in Edinburgh so further away from you but you know we are always here for a chat and message me any time. No matter what, you aren’t alone x

9 months ago

Hello @gemstemple, you are in great company here, we are all very special! People use this site for many things, research, advice, friendship, sharing anxieties, and most importantly, to reaffirm that we re not alone and understand one another x

9 months ago

hi gem. I-m also new today in fact. Secondary etc diagnosed 2015. relapsing etc 2013. ,cept im 66! consultant thinks i probably had it since 20! Little stuff every 10 years or so. had 3 children got 7 grandchildren Thing is uncle diagnosed when 40 died when 75. How long is a piece of string? Everybody is different . do not worry just read/speak get as much info from who or wherever possible and see what relates or seems good for you. Eg on holiday hairdresser mentioned friend 72 who,had it for years . continuing happy life finds white wine suits better than other …..for her etc. ideas awareness outlook and technology improve daily

good to read others experiences. thats why i joined Somebody here said lots of healthy ones don’t understand m.s. i agree. especially if you don’t dribble!!!! Basically most people are lovely, Eat natural stuff, excersise and keep your weight proportionate and most importantly be happy perhaps that should read remember to wash your hands. germs are not good for anyone but especially not for m.s. people then again don’t get paranoid.. see the difficulty? up spirits!

9 months ago

Hey Gem,

I was diagnosed in January 2011. I’ve got three or four good friends.

No, unfortunately “others” don’t get it.

My wife had to go an experience to now, almost, appreciating that I’m not faking the tiredness.

I was fortunate as my GP quickly knew I had MS.


You need to Ask, Ask, bother and annoy to get what you’ll quite rightly deserve, unless you don’t of course.

I dunno 🤷‍♂️ don’t judge me!!!

Good luck, I’m here also.


9 months ago

Wish there was a like button on this thing lol. Thank you to everyone that has replied Dave, Iris, Vixen, lightening87, grandmother, highlander, Stumbler and Miller. Means a lot that you took the effort to reply 😊
Hopefully now that I’ve found people to talk too (as opposed to my dog Norbert lol) mentally I should be feeling a bit better in the near future xx

4 months ago

@gemstemple Hi I hope your well I just saw your post on how your now secondary ms I am waiting to hear what type of ms I have how are you coping do you have any mobility issues or anything thank u X

4 months ago

Hi @melmel1 I’m doing ok thanks rough weekend but ok. Hope you’re ok too 😀

My mobility seems to be a lot better since being on Plegridy. I sometimes still stumble and my feet don’t always go in the direction I want but this is so much better since medication.

What are your worst symptoms at the moment that your struggling with? x

4 months ago

@gemstemple Hi thank you for the reply I had optic neuritis 10 years ago cleared up I had no idea I had ms only had the odd numbness and tingle within the last 10 years then nothing very noticeable until last year Jan tingiling and spams where it was very noticeable , they would last a few months then came back again last a few months dissepear that’s all mainly died down the tingiling and the spasms but the last 2 months I’ve knowticed this little dizzy feeling and vision slightly off that’s been coming and going that’s the only main thing over the last couple months I’m dying to know what type of ms it could possibly, been waiting so long to see ms neurologist, the ms nurse not sure if it’s relapsing or secondary said the doctor will decide hmm what r u thoughts?X

4 months ago

@gemstemple Hi thank you for the reply I’m glad your medication is helping so your still entitled to medication even though you are secondary, all this ms is such a lot to learn lol how long do you think you have had ms for X

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