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1 year ago

@robofhull Hi, that depends on how you define TM really. If you mean a lesion on your spinal cord, then yes, I have one between C2 and C3 and was initially dx as having TM before official MS dx. Some people get TM because of an infection, but I’ve never heard of anyone who had that and also MS.
How long is it since your TM started?

1 year ago

@robofhull , Transverse Myelitis (TM) is similar to Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS). It’s a single neurological event.

If this is followed by another neurological event, then this would then start to fall under the criteria for a diagnosis of MS.

Does this help at all?

1 year ago

Yes, that was my first Neurological event!

1 year ago

I ve had ms since 1998 and was dx with tm in 2013 but with having ms the neuros dont seem to bother with my symptoms of tm just wondered if anyone else has the same situation

1 year ago

Hmm I had TM then got diagnosed with MS 3 years later. The way it was described to me was TM is one lesion and then MS is diagnosed when there is multiple or more than 1 lesion. This made sense to me

1 year ago

I’m a member of a few TM forums and some people use it to mean a distinct disease/condition ie not NMO or MS etc.

However, it can also simply be the term for a lesion on the spinal cord (literally crosswise inflammation of spinal cord), which could be the result of NMO, ms, an infection, other autoimmune conditions etc so used in this way it is just a symptom not a disease.

Anyway, @robofhull my lesion has caused symptoms over my whole body, and they change a lot. It doesn’t seem to be like most other people’s MS, but I do seem to be more like people on the Transverse Myelitis Society fb page, no matter why they have TM. I am struggling hugely with fatigue, difficulty exercising, pain and sensory symptoms.

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