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MS and multiple conditions/illnesses.

How many suffer from more than MS?

I’m back for a bitch, as life is being exceptionally cruel at the moment.
I’ve bent too many ears on facebook and that’s not fair on the fit, ha.

John, your post on brain stem lesions was an eye opener, as that was where my first lesion was detected. Boy did it hit home the realisation of the origin of some of my symptoms. So even more to bitch about.

Having ME on top of MS has made differentiating between what is causing which symptom today, is hard to say the least. I know of only one other with both, and she goes through similar to me.

One of my doctors thinks I had a virus last year that triggered a mass reaction in my body, causing multiple problems with my body. I couldn’t keep food or drink down, bowel spasming wildly. Sudden onset sensitivity to lactose and alcohol. Loss of three stone so far and dropping more, as I still have difficulty eating, though better after omitting both from my diet. Though hidden ingredients in pre-prepared foods can be a real problem.
My docs were even concerned it might be bowel cancer, as things were mimicking those symptoms. So CT scan, where they find them clear, hooray. But they found a lump in my lung on the scan. I suppose I have to be grateful for them finding what would have gone without notice otherwise, as it gives no symptoms of its own. Waiting for second scan and biopsy if necessary on that.

I’m varying between insomnia and the inability to stay awake, at the whim of my brain. Weird mind-stuff going on as I try to sleep, but fail, and when I do go into a form of sleep, it’s either verging on awake with near delirium like feelings, or total sleep of the dead. No in between.
I feel my mental state teetering on bad thoughts, as I’m going through this.

To my friends, I appear as usual. They can’t understand these things like a fellow sufferer can. That’s the curse of the invisible illness, ain’t it?

This bout has been going on for at least 7 months, and may really be a lot longer, as I do tend to ignore stuff for some time, squeezing it to the back of the mind.

Anyway, bitch over for the moment. I desperately needed to get it off my chest, as I have had a shitty night of nerve pain etc etc and have no one I can do this with, near me.

Apologies for the earache.


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3 years ago

Your rant is perfectly understandable, you have a lot on your plate.

Any infection, viral or bacteria, which kicks of an auto-immune response is always going to allow our existing symptoms to be emphasised.

We just have to be aware and ensure that our GPs address any infections quickly.

3 years ago

In all honesty, John. I reached the end of my tether at the moment. Sleep deprivaton is grinding me down and the stress of worrying is screwing with everything else. Not sure how long I can hold it together much more.

3 years ago

I’m wearing three faces at the mo. The joker, the stoic and the scared.

3 years ago

Sleep deprivation will antagonise and amplify anything else you are going through, and I would address this first as a priority.

Can you speak with your Doc & ask their advice on this?

Once you have had some rest, addressing all the other issues will be more straightforward.

My recent relapse happened a couple of weeks after I had recovered from severe shingles, which I came down with just after my Mum died. I hadn’t slept soundly for months, and weirdly it was the amitriptyline which my GP gave me for the neuropathic shingles pain, which also let me drift off. It also has a handy side-effect of being an antidepressant, so you get 3 bangs for your buck – analgesia, sleep, and a better mood!

Speak to your Doc? After all, that’s what they’re there for.

3 years ago

Saw the doc and got zopiclone for a month whilst I await my’emergency’ ct scan, which could be in another 4 weeks. Sorry for the rant folks. I’m not in my right mind at the moment.

3 years ago

Hope it all settles down soon.
Sleep well!

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