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MS and dating

I am in my 20s and would like to start dating, however how to go about it with MS and fatigue levels? My MS is not currently ‘visible’ but it impacts on my energy levels and I can find it really exhausting meeting new people.
Any thoughts?

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1 year ago

Online dating worked for me, been with my girlfriend for over 2 years now after we found each other on tinder. Admittedly it’s a chore but found someone who is understanding of the situation we are in. The best advise really is to get yourself out there and persevere. You won’t find the love of your life on the first attempt unless you’re super lucky!

1 year ago


I suspect your question is NOT about dating. It is how to find a partner who will be “until death do us part”. If so, know who you are, what makes you happy; where you imagine yourself far into the future. Be realistic with your self analysis.

From what you posted, do not look for a high energy person or someone who needs to be busy & active all the time.

Look for someone with good morals & values. Look for someone who has long term friends, a steady job & who is happy with their life. You don’t mention what sex you are – but women who think highly of their Dad will treat their husband properly. Guys who treat their Mother well will put their wife on a pedestal. This is not set in stone but is a solid guideline when critiquing a potential partner.

I am speaking from experience. My 1st wife (may she Rest in Peace) was a Goddess; my present wife is a Saint. And yes, I idolized my Mother; my photo is me as a baby on my Mom’s lap… 😉

1 year ago

Hi i assume youre a guy, because i doubt a woman would have a dating problem. Im the same like you, looking for answer how to date someone knowing that you have a progressive neurological condition and also in my 20s

1 year ago

Just be yourself and if you feel comfortable with someone explain it to them (you’ll have to judge when this happens).

The last 2 people I dated I told because I was ‘forced’ to. Despite being a very active person it explained my fatigue, especially after work, which had raised questions. The 2nd woman (who I’ve been with 15 months now) is very active and so struggled to understand why I didn’t want to run every other day (I played pro-sports for a while so trained a lot). She’s learnt to understand this about me and we run together sometimes.
She’ll still fall into judging me a bit on it which I point out to her but at the same time she acts as a great motivation for me to head out when I am fatigued. And with respect to the disease she’s very supportive.

Best of luck. Try to arrange dates that will minimise exhaustion or that are interactive so are less stressful (kinda like bowling). Sitting face to face can be more exhausting than doing things

1 year ago

Like all the others have said just be yourself, the right person will come along if you put yourself out there. But don’t expect to find love on the first date from what I can gather your looking for a long term partner which is great. The problem with this though is you find it easier to fall in love and that can be an issue. anyways if you ever want to chat feel free to message me. Ill gladly help you and answer any questions as best I can.


1 year ago

It is much harder dating with ms but not impossible .iv done online and 2 guys were actually ok with my ms, one even wanted to ” fight it together ” which does say goodens are out there.sadly he had bad issues i couldn’t take on so hey ho but its also cool to be single too. it does take a certain type of understanding person to kinda take on disabilities lets be honest . Limitations can be a barrier .being able to see oast it and see the person .And iv also found some cant get away fast enough if iv needed to tell them. There loss!
But for me i now get worried more if i want to date as its more problematic and makes just meeting up somewhere or doing stuff so exhausting.
So to anyone looking…dont give up 😊

1 year ago

Modern day dating these days baffles me, whatever happened to going out and meeting people?! Shows what a dinosaur I am lol! Now its

1 year ago

All swipe left or right…heck I’d end up swiping the wrong way, to me it feels like a cattle market. I say ya young, go enjoy life and see where it takes you:-).

1 year ago

Thanks everyone for your comments. You’re right, I am looking for something long term. Internet dating isn’t my kind of thing but hopefully I shall have the courage (and energy) to go on some dates.

1 year ago

I’m the same, I really hate using the internet for dating. But some people can’t do it any other way, its best to just be yourself and do what you want.

if its your first time getting out there just look presentable and and just say “hi”, pick up lines do not work hahaha.



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