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MRI/Sleepless night

I have an MRI in the morning and I’m nervous 🙁 it’s not my first one but my last one was 2 hours long and it’s making me dread this one. Every time I fall asleep I wake back up within the hour 🙁 times like this I wish I was back to work and everything was ..”normal”.. (I hate using that word) again 🙁

Sorry if I seem negative just overwhelmed 🙁

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1 year ago

Was the 2 hour MRI used to diagnose you? You may find this one will be much less in time because they know they area they want to look at? I hate MRI scans cos I’m claustrophobic so I always take diazepam before hand to try to relax. May be an idea for you in the future! Good luck x

1 year ago

@nikitadawndelorey so how was it? how did it go?
Sorry didn’t spot your post this morning, I don’t do morning 🙂
I’m an owl – not a lark,

Thank you @gates1989 and @tog1 for your time and replys! It was an hour and 15 minutes this time.. a bit less but other then being flu sick at the moment it wasn’t bad 🙂

1 year ago

no worries, that’s what we are are here for

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