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MRI report vs. Neurologist

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re is having a good day today. I have a question / opinion to ask you.

My MS is stable for 3 years now, MRIs are reassuring and so on and so forth. Why am I writing to you? Well, my neurologist looked at my last MRI and said to me that the report from radiology states that “one of the lesions is slightly bigger” but he firmly believes the radiology doctor is mistaken. Basically for my neurologist, whom I trust and have an open and good relation, there is nothing new, but in the report it is said otherwise.

Truth be told he even showed it to me and I cannot see any difference between previous MRI and the new one but I am not supposed to know “how or where to look”.

So…fellow MSers, what do you think about this?

Thank you!

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11 months ago

@hmcampos , I feel that you have answered your own question.

You trust your Neuro and you can “see” his point of view, so is it a problem?

Just be wary of this issue as time goes by, until you have another MRI, which should show who is right, the Radiologist or your Neuro…………

11 months ago

Hi @stumbler.

Not sure it will. Comparison is always against previous MRI so if no new lesion appears (fingers crossed) or no old lesion expands (fingers crossed again) report will say “stable”, right?

Maybe I should think less and trust more… Thanks @stumbler.

11 months ago

Think more and trust less, no room for mistakes and being polite won’t fix lesions; if you have the luxury of another opinion – get one.

11 months ago

@hmcampos Based on what you described, even if the lesion was larger, would you make any changes? I noticed you take Tecfidera and the question is if you would move to a stronger DMT based on that being true? In your shoes, I am not sure I would unless there was some other indication making it more compelling. So to me based on your situation of things feeling ok and looking relatively quiet on the MRI I dont see there is any course of action other then seeing if there is a new development that makes it more clear on what to do next.

There is also progression that cant be seen on the mri so you just have one data point that looks potentially worse.

As a hedge consider adding other measures if you havent done so (exercise, diet, etc..) Our family follows OMS (

11 months ago

@seanachai: it can also be seen like that indeed and I can have a second opinion as well rather quickly but…

… as @californiadreamin is saying, does it chage anything? Wont change DMT’s because of this for sure as Tecfidera seems to be working. Have no real reason to doubt neither the neurologist not my MS nurse. Would he/they jeopardize pacient / doctor relation for this? Speccially a patient who is heavily involved in their studies, research and events?

Again here I am answering my own question @stumbler! 🙂

Will wait for next MRI and see what life brings. Thank you both.

PS: OMS and exercise are 2 of my bibles 🙂

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