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Good morning

I hope you are all okay.

I have just returned from my first MRI scan .. they did the head and c-spine.

To say I’m traumatised is an understatement.. not by the scan but by what it all really means. I think it hit me when I was walking through the doors that my life as I know it could be about to change ..

I’ve cried all week and I mean buckets and buckets of tears to the point I have none left..

My symptoms from my initial “attack” at the end of jan beginning of Feb have almost all subsided .. I’m still having some bladder issues with knowing when to go (although the sensation is slowly returning) and some mild leg sensations but all in all I’m almost back to my old self..

I’m not self diagnosing but I think I know what the results are going to be and I guess it’s just being strong for the next few weeks whilst i wait that’s going to be hard.. my kids are keeping me going…

How long does the nhs normally take to get the results back to the doctors any idea??

Speak soon xxx

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11 months ago


After my MRI, it took less than two weeks for the Neurologist to call me back; the next appointment was set up almost immediately. So I knew something was up.

If I may be so blunt – quit worrying. There is nothing you can change at this moment, except worrying is bad for MS. So if you have it, you are just making things worse…

11 months ago

Hello @ wonders, so sorry you are going through all of this. I guess that someone has told you that it could be MS? There are, of course, other things but MS is one of those. Although it’s hard, you need to be your own advocate and keep pushing fo an appointment. I got diagnosed after an initial attack but, a year down the line, I have realised that there were a couple of things in my last that could have been early signs.

When you go for your neuro appointment, take a careful (but keep it short) diary of symptoms. Also try and think of other things from the past, such as periods of excessive fatigue, pins and needles, skin numbness. If it is MS, then one good thing is that going through this 20 years ago could have been a process lasting many years. Things have advanced so rapidly and even in the last month 5ere have been medical breakthroughs in the field of treatment for MS.

It’s really traumatic I know, but you are still you. Be clear with others about the support you need at this time. Try not to over-google as this always opens up unnecessary cans of have lots of support here, and everyone understands what you’re going through. Please will you let us know how you get on. Lotsoflove and support to you….x

11 months ago

I remember it taking about 2 or 3 weeks after my first MRI Scan before I received a letter with the results and a follow up appointment.

11 months ago

@wonders , life is all about making changes as life goes on. We evolve to survive and so will you. 😉

11 months ago

Hi @wonders so they did mri both in the end 😊 I remember being in your current position & it probably sounds a bit odd but I decided to myself that I would enjoy the time it took for the diagnosis to come back. A sort of limbo freedom, it could be anything at this point so I’m just not going to worry about it. I was pretty certain that it was going to be ms & that was scary but as I couldn’t be 100% sure I decided that until someone told me otherwise I didn’t have it because all that worrying would be pretty silly if it turned out not to be ms & if it turned out i did then I’d wasted a few weeks when I could have still been enjoying not having it if that makes any sense 😊 I’m not saying I didn’t worry at all but when I felt it building up I would take a deep breath & remind myself there’d be plenty of time to worry later when I actually knew what I was worrying about. Eventually it turned out to be ms & this was more of a relief than I expected. It gave me answers & a set of actions I could take to deal with it. I’m saying any of this is easy or simply a matter of deciding to feel a certain way about it, it just worked for me if I gave myself a good talking to when I started to feel panicky. In terms of how long the process takes it seems to vary a lot depending on your area, I had to a huge amount of chasing! I’d been told I’d receive an appointment with the neuro a few weeks after the mri to discuss results & what to do next but weeks & weeks went by & no appointment appeared. In the end spent an entire day on the phone to various people, being passed between departments where no one was available. Eventually got through the department of a neuro who apparently should be able to see my results & help me out but he had finished for the day! Had to leave a message with a temp (only staff member in the department at that time!) Anyway, he called me back when he started work the next morning & gave me my results over the phone. The point of that ramble was really just to say don’t wait around & assume someone will get back to you, always chase these things up. It never hurts to keep them on their toes! 😉 best of luck with it all, its great that yous symptoms are easing, try not to worry if you can help it & so much crying might be a good thing, it’s well known to be a great stress reliever 😊

11 months ago

I am in the US, I was told a month but was called by my neuro after a couple of weeks that I had MS. He said I didn’t need any further testing with my family history of MS and the number of lesions on my brain. He also tested me for ALS that is rampant in my family. Potter

11 months ago

The scan is instant, it’s just a question of how quick the radiologist gets to review it followed by the Neuro…

Personally, had it done inside a week sometimes in the UK..

Try and push to get your next appointment with a neuro ASAP if it helps you relax…

You can ask for a copy of your MRI and take it to any Neuro if you wanted to go private… otherwise, is just a case of how busy your Neuro is inside the public health service….

11 months ago

Dear Wonders, you will have so many questions but don’t stress, it will only make things worse, you have said your kids keep you going, hang on to that, it’s one of the things that won’t change, my only child was 14 when I was diagnosed, didn’t deal with it very well and as I spent 3 months in bed not knowing if I was ever going to get up again and that was 25 years ago and I am still here.

Things have changed big time in the last few years, it’s no longer a life sentence, you might have to make small changes over the years but you would be doing that anyway as the kids grow so all in all nothing dramatic. Keep enjoying life including these long Easter school holidays😍

10 months ago

Hi did you get your results yet? I hope I they were good xx
I’m going on Wednesday for my first scan and like you have I’m wondering how long I will have to wait for results X

10 months ago

Hi @hugshurt

I waited 2 weeks
My results were incidental changes that are non specific and of no significance so yes very good news.
Good luck to you xxx

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