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more than just MS?

My name is Emma and I was diagnosed at the ripe age of 15. At that stage I was also hit with Psoriasis, PTSD, angst and depression (due to massive bullying and violation)
Since then I have also gotten a brain damage (as the result of a suicide attempt) Now I am even “blessed” with arthritis in my hip.

My MS is driving me nuts. I am in constant pain and I faqll over so much that concussions ia a weekly event…

Oh yesh… btw I am, B R O K E

What is next?

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6 years ago

Hi Emma and welcome to shift.

Dx’d at 15! ^^ That must have come as a shock understandably.

I too get anxiety and depression, I basically shut myself away at home and have no enthusiasm for going ‘out into the world’.

I never used to be like that though, it’s wierd cos when I was younger I used to love to go out and party but now I only feel any sense of happiness when at home and by myself.

Been like this way before my ms was dx’d (which was only this year).

On the subject of ms, one of the general practitioners at the hospital told me that anybody who gets ms is likely to have it before they are 15 even though generally people don’t get dx’d till much later. Not sure exactly how that works but that’s what I was told. I know that probably doesn’t make you feel any better but it’s a thought.

You came to a good place by finding shift, plenty of people in the same boat so to speak and people who actually have the condition as opposed to just medical people which I think is the main reason this site works so well, you can feel part of a community here and anytime you need to vent/chat or express how your feeling there will be someone on hand to listen.

Take it all one day at a time and don’t worry too much about the future which at the best of times is anything but certain.

6 years ago

Hey Emma! Welcome to shift. I can completely sympathize/empathize with you. You sound a lot like me right now…I’ve been through (and am currently going through) a very similar time/situation right now.

You should PM me at some point.

Hope things get better for you and you find the support you need here on Shift!

6 years ago

I am so sorry to hear. I had hoped that I was hte only one

6 years ago

I am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time as well. You are definitely not the only one having a hard time. Hard time with MS. Hard time with depression. Hard time with money. Things can be difficult. You have friends here though. Just remember that.

6 years ago

Also… I completely agree with everything @f3ng5hu1 said. This is a wonderful place to find support and community. Take everything one day at a time…and don’t try to handle all of this all alone.

6 years ago

Hi Emma. Re: what is next? We have to keep ourselves together for the next ten years by which time there will be better treatments. They WILL find new stuff and hopefully will refine existing meds so that we maybe get offered combinations or suffer fewer side effects. If you look at sites which list all the research going on, it really is encouraging. My physio gets cross if I don’t follow the regime – as she says, it’ll be no use having new drugs if you’ve given up on yourself. That’s what I hang on to. Big hugs xx

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