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Mood swings!! Crazy lady!!

I have been going through some serious mood swings. I’m like Jekyll and Hyde where the littlest thing can set me off into a rage, zero to no warning.

Any suggestions whether pharmaceutical or natural to kind of settle the emotions a bit? Sick of going batshit crazy!!!

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1 year ago

@sonia1984 , I couldn’t find anything on MS and batshit, but the following may be of interest:-


1 year ago

20mg citalopram levels me out. Will see how much when I start coming off them this week! Bat Shit Crazy is a fun description to describe the nonsense. I like bonkers myself! Good luck x

1 year ago

Meditation? I’m definitely calmer now.


1 year ago

Yoga and ask for a referral to neuropsychological. When I talked through my floods of tears with the psychologist it became apparent that it was a symptom of my MS. It useful to have someone neutral to discuss this with and see whether it was the MS, a reaction to my MS or a combination of both.

I did go to stress control classes, big group in lecture theatre which allowed anonymity, which might be of use. These are held throughout the UK, ask your MS nurse or GP if they have any info on these classes.

1 year ago

MS is the culprit – it’s not weakness, a failure to cope or anything you’re doing wrong. This being the case, it’s something to channel through your MS nurse to get help. Sharing an MS issue with a professional is far, far better than worrying about it , with Dr Google in the wings. The nurse will have seen this symptom many times. Let us know how you get on, xx

1 year ago

You aren’t going nuts, I rave at least 6 times a day, but it is through frustration especially when fingers don’t work, as and the microwave pings at just the same time as the doorbell rings, the dogs bark like mad, and the phone rings! I don’t see or speak to anyone for days and then it all happens at once. Learn to live with it, is symptom of the MS, exacerbated by not being able to cope with multitasking which as women we used to do on a daily basis. I am a bit older than you but it will get better, keep your pecker up!

1 year ago

I started taking st johns wort a few months ago and it really helps with my mood swings.

1 year ago

I understand you….. in the past i went crazy mad with my mum…. any small thing can set me off!, it gets a bit better with time when relationships are more settle……and you know where everyone is…..hard at the beginning when people react in a way you don’t expect….

1 year ago

1 year ago


Yep. You’re not alone!

Went through many years of frustration, anger, depression, etc – took me a long long time to get it under some sort of control and even now (20+ years after my CIS and 17+ years after official diagnosis), I still occasionally have a black cloud rage & frustration day. I can see it now though, and try to pre-empt it and apply mindfulness. Works 90% of the time atm, so I still have a small way to go – but hopefully I’ll get there. Mixture of mindfulness, anti-depressants (which I am now slowly weaning myself from) and stepping back and looking at the bigger picture.


@noelie – loved the TED talk vid. Thanks for sharing! xx

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