4 years ago
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Greetings fellow MS’ers!
I’ve been absent without requested leave for some time now (sorry bout that) following a long winded MS-saga, one which had attempted to suck me back into the downwardly spiraling black hole we all know and *love. I’ve been mid-move too, move day is now here and tomorrow I get my new place with the same old shit filling up new corners again, but! I get a room to paint in and be artistic all over again (joy joy joy!)

So, balls to the black hole, I have rid myself of woe and am *marching ever onwards- yesterday I went to an MS therapy session in a church where we all sat down and made potato prints with poster paint……

I consider myself an *artist first and spazz second, this madness gave me the kick up the arse I needed to fight back once more. Potato prints aside things are better, to celebrate my constant up-down-up-down-UP ness I cut myself a new fringe- it looks *amazing.

* despise
* staggering
* piss
* Think Dave Hill from Slade and you’re halfway there

I hope you are all well and soldiering on- I have missed you, just needed to be a potato-print-pleb for a wee whiley but I’m over myself now and shall just bloody well pack that lark in immediately.

The bitch is back
Weeeeee! 😀

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@marjolie, it’s really nice to hear your anecdotes again.
I know of that place that you were visiting, it doesn’t have any good reviews.
But, your absence was noted.
So, it’s not only me that’s pleased to see you again.

Missed you!! (()) hugs!!!

Marjolie is back! Much Suberbness! I lurve your posts, your my kinda crazy. You on Skype?? love to skype with you if y’are!

oh thank god…..was worried for a while ….glad your back xx

Yay, your back:)

I dunno who you are but I like your style 😛

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