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Mobility scooter

Hi all, I have just got a new mobility scooter, I am 35 and have had ms for about 12 years now, I don’t need to use it all the time but when I get pains in my legs and m really unsteady on my feet it helps me. What do you all think of mobility scooters, any advice?

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1 year ago

I’ve got a SmartScoot and it gets me to the shops, friends and cafes. Wouldn’t be without it. Also got a lightweight wheelchair with clip on Batec electric front wheel for longer rougher trips. It goes like the clappers 😄👍🏻. I think they’re brilliant. Mine aren’t ‘old folks’ looking at all.
Advice: beware glass panels in supermarkets – I managed to break one running into it. Plan trips to make sure there are dropped kerbs, and shops without steps, or take portable folding ramp. Make sure battery has enough charge or have a spare on hand. Have a rear view mirror on a long bendy arm, or one each side. Plenty of storage for shopping. Go slow till you’ve got the hang of it. I bought a basket at Halfords which can be easily removed & taken indoors.
Enjoy your scooter….😉

1 year ago

hi , i have one they are good and very useful, but be very aware of slopes on pavements and dodgy drop kerbs, also be aware in big shops, most scooters are very quiet and if you are going between racks of clothes other shoppers cant see or hear you, anyway they are looking at the clothes not for you, so you need to be watching all time, also i would recommend getting insurance, in case you do any damage or injure anyone.
enjoy your freedom this gives, and if you need help ask most people are more than willing you only have to ask. also in the winter as it gets dark early i fit a pair of bike lights front and back so you can be seen.

good luck martin

1 year ago

Thank you both for the comments, I tried my scooter this morning and found it hardon the drop curbs, some were really hard to use and others had cars parked in front of them! I had a little crash into a railing as well but other then that all went well. Thank you both for the tips, I’m already thinking of getting a spare set ofbatteries and insurance, I’m really enjoying the freedom that I have now, I was a bit worried of what other people would think of me using a scooter now but I love my freedom too much to care what they think 🤗

1 year ago

I only use the scooters in the grocery store, I don’t like using them. When I get to the store and my legs keep going numb and my feet hurt I give in. It is always colder when you sit that low and most of the time the aisles are crowed. I try to remember to return to that aisle but I usually forget. I end up at home with half the groceries I need. The ones at the store are on the big side so I think I would like them much better if they were smaller. Potter


I’ve got a Di Blasi R30 fold up scooter which is great for getting in the car. It’s a 3 wheeler though which as has been said above can be scary on sloping kerbs/pavements……..had a few tumbles myself. Luckily I am mobile enough i can put a foot down. And i don’t need to use it in the house yet!

1 year ago

hi potter i know what you mean about the ones in the supermarkets , they are big ,just a shopping cart with a motor, and i find there is always someone just where you need to be , the other problem is if shopping with your partner they often cannot see you as you are so low down.

yours martin hankins

1 year ago

My scooter is smaller than the ones in the supermarket, I can’t express how much I love it, but it’s giving me back a little bit of freedom, I can’t walk a great distance anymore though, for anyone who misses being able to just get up and go I would recommend a scooter 🤗

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