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1 year ago

I did couple of composite root fillings. In different years. I past out two weeks after each filling.
Its either because I’m so underweight altho its unrelated. Or because of ms :/ minimum possibility that or pure coincident. Never done with mercury.

1 year ago

8 mercury fillings and i have ms

Not sure if they are linked Xxx

1 year ago

Hello @bensdad

I had 7 mercury fillings at quite a young age (early 20’s)

Forward 20yrs on…
My dentist offered to remove them all as she believes amalgam is a problem to ms’ers. I got them removed.

Do I believe it’s a problem though?
Not really, bcoz there’s 100’s of theories out there and if we followed them all we would go off our heads 😂😂

Was nice to get white fillings though 😉

Lisa x

1 year ago

I had some and since had them removed the correct way (holistic dentist). I have always thought that it is a contributing factor but not the only one.

Don’t think there is enough evidence to believe taking them out wouldn’t cause as much harm as good.

That article is actually very misleading in how it’s written. One of the studies that if quotes as evidence:

Doesn’t actually conclude there is anything statistically significant. Yet the main article quotes it. Anytime that happens just steer clear because they are trying to deceive.

1 year ago

Can’t remember where I saw it, but I have read that this theory has been conclusively proved to be untrue.

1 year ago

Hi All, I have no mercury fillings but my partner does, she does not have ms, Ben has one mercury filling and has ms. I don’t believe they are good for you, or cause ms. I know mercury poisoning can cause similar effects but this is not ms!

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