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Memory Loss

Hello everyone, has been awhile since ive been on and recently ive been having what I think is memory loss. Im 19 years old and im looking for tips to help. Im forgetting how to do things earlier, I couldnt figure out how to properly close a box, and another occasion I realized half way through brushing my teeth that the water was hot. Im saying words that dont make sense in conversations. Ive been doing research and see no information about this problem happening to others which concerns me. Does anyone else have these problems?
Thanks in advance -Morgan

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1 year ago

@morganj , everyone is capable of having a lapse in concentration, although, having MS can cause us more noticeable problems.

There’s some information about it here :-

1 year ago


A lazy copy and paste from the tiredness thread, but since I brought it up there. …….

I found that going to my local MS therapy Centre and having Oxygen Therapy on a regular basis helped hugely with tiredness (I don’t call what I have fatiue becuse it never stops me doing anything, just makes it harder – and yes I know I’m probably kidding myself) It helps hugely with brain fog and general aches and pains too.

It’s a temporary fix so I need to keep it going but it feels like it blows the cobwebs out of my head and I’m ‘me’ again.

1 year ago

I have found its more noticeable that I forget things if I don’t get a good nights sleep. You have to remember though everyone’s path though ms is different. You have to find things that will help you. Issues with memory are not unheard of. I find my memory gets bad if I get too warm as well as heat can effect ms symptoms. One thing my wife does if there is something specific I need to do but I’m having a bad day with my symptoms she leaves post it notes around our home. Hard to forget something when its starring you in the face in every room you go into.

In regards to speech some days I think I’m saying something that makes no sense but the wife says it’s not the case. Its a lot easier to notice things when you have ms because you seams to be looking at everything in life however small. Its the ms I think that does that. Its a catch 22 you worry about certain things such as how am I going to be tomorrow or the next day with this complex illness but at the same time stress don’t do ms any good and can make things worse I.e symptoms. Any concerns however small tell the ms nurse that’s what there there for

1 year ago

Thank you all for your replys. Will have to mention it next time I see my nurse. Ive asked to take the memory test before and my memory was getting worse but now I feel like I have no memory at all.

1 year ago

My neuro said he’ll do a cognitive test at our next appointment, because I’m experiencing those same things. My memory is horrid. My attention span & focus is terrible and I can’t multi-task at all anymore. It gets worse when I’m tired or stressed. I work in a very busy corporate office as an employment law paralegal and all of these things are key to my job. I’m still working on it, but I calendar EVERYTHING. It helps. The neurologist told me these things are all quite normal for MS (which was reassuring, but didn’t really help!). He said to find ways to make my life easier – post it notes, to-do lists, putting notes on my phone, etc. Not much help when you’re freaking out about losing your mind, but I’m not sure what else they can do!

Good luck. xx


1 year ago

The memory loss is a bummer, sometimes I can’t remember what I said two minutes earlier. Lack of sleep, overly tired or too hot makes it worse. I tried Luminosity for two years, it got to depressing my spelling and math scores kept dropping. By the time my contract was up I wasn’t playing much, not knowing how bad it is getting seems to be easier. Potter

1 year ago

@morganj, I am 21 years old and during a recent relapse in Feb 2017 I found myself with memory loss and general confusion- especially with putting sentences together and finding the right words for things. I too did some research and there isn’t a huge amount of info on this.

I just wanted to let you know that all of these problems went away (I hope that they have now for you) and that I have experienced similar problems. I hope that this helps in some way.

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