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For those following OMS, how do you meditate? Do you use an app, videos or just vamp it? I’ve been trying to become more consistent with my meditating since right now I only meditate twice a week. Other side note, how do you guys stick consistently with the OMS diet? I’ve been trying but I find it difficult to stick to as I get more hungry more often now (I also cut out gluten).
Hope everyone is doing well and continuing to fight the good fight!

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1 year ago

Hi @sm050. I have been using some downloads and going to a group to help with keeping meditation going. It is new to me and I haven’t got a real routine going but would like it to be a daily thing!
Am not there yet though and miss days due to not being organised enough mainly!
Like you, I am trying to stick to the OMS diet and avoid gluten. Do get a bit hungry sometimes but find lots of soups plus oat and rice based things as substitutes for bread/pasta help. Just trying to adapt to it but find the recipes on the website helpful for ideas.
Sorry I don’t have much experience to give … sure you’ll have been on the website but just in case you haven’t it is helpful for recipe ideas.
Hope it goes well for you ☺x

1 year ago

@sm050 , see if this website helps at all with some ideas for you.

Or search on YouTube. 😉

My wife uses headspace. In terms of diet she is pretty good at following it. A challenge for sure sometimes. If we go on a trip we often bring a bunch of food.

1 year ago

@sm050 I use the Headspace app daily (10 days are free to try then only £30 for a year through Anxiety UK)

Also following the OMS diet without gluten. I did it gradually, replaced milk with almond milk, meat with quorn, fish, veggie burgers and smoked tofu (sometimes tricky to find low sat fat version, but got there in the end) however you need to get yourself some B12 vitamins, without them I’d be hungry all the time. Lots of gluten free options nowadays: buckwheat, quinoa can be added to your list for variety. And I avoid refine sugar. If you want and are in the U.K., I can share what items I get from main supermarkets and simple recipes.

Good to see you looking after yourself. Good luck

1 year ago

Thanks everyone for their input! I will definitely be trying all of those things 🙂

1 year ago

Hi, I have been following the OMS lifestyle for 7 years, the meditation was the last part I adapted. I think you need to find a meditation that suits you? Like when you find a book that you just immerse yourself into?
Dr Craig Hassed has this body scan meditation, I found this link below on a site if it works? I started with this one because it’s simple but I have now found others that I like. Try searching for things you like on the Internet, for example beach meditation etc…


1 year ago

I just had a look at Headspace and, well, it is great! Thank you 😄 Stumbler!

1 year ago

Hi I like headspace but I use insight timer now as it’s free (you can subscribe) and has some really good meditation teachers such as Tara Brach. It also has some frankly far out stuff as well which I avoid. I did a great course with a teacher in a group of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction which got me started. This was before I had MS. I then went back again after my diagnosis- it really helped to do it over again.

The Wahls diet is my preference as it goes for more protein and fats which keeps you fuller. It is too hard to do the extremeness versions but staying gluten and sugar free works for me along with taking a highly effective disease modifying treatment .

1 year ago

Hi again @sm050 Just to add to what @strictlysoca was saying about Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction I’ve found this really helpful too and especially going to a group that practises it. If you search on the internet for John Kabat-Zinn it’s a good way to find out more about this as I think he helped establish the first courses on it. There are quite a few of his guided meditations available free on line/You Tube but there are complete courses available too (you’d have purchase though). I think he has worked a lot with Mindfulness with people with varying health conditions.
All the best!

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