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1 year ago

@fayed90 , it’s a personal choice as to whether you adopt a Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT) or not.

We have members, who prefer a natural approach, via diet and lifestyle changes.

We also have members that were determined to hit their MS with the most effective DMT.

Then there are others, who adopt diet/lifestyle changes and DMTs.

Like I say, it’s a personal choice. 😉

1 year ago

I took treatment one year stopped it. Now 13 years of treatments 👍🏻 Life is a beauty wouldnt ruin my mood since im still walking n kicking.
But i dont get relapses only got 2 since 2005 sometimes i get a passing symptom that recovers itself 16 days max.
Was daignosed age 17 now im 30

Im not telling not to take treatment im telling u yea there are others like u.

Be safe

1 year ago

I originally wanted Lemtrada, as I decided you either hit it hard or not at all. I wasn’t given it, instead they stuck me on Tecfidera for nearly two years. The side effects were too much for me, I was fed up of the flushing, itchy skin, swollen mouth, hair falling out etc….

So I made the brave decision to come off the drugs and try the natural way.

If they offered me Lemtrada now, I may consider it, but for now I will do it my way 🙂

How are you managing your MS?

1 year ago

Oh not good aye, the way I look at it **** happens life goes on got to much pride

1 year ago

You are not the only one…

1 year ago


My wife considered to wait on a dmt when tecfidera has issues with her.

One important thing to be aware of with ms is damage is being done that can not easily be seen (even on an mri). That damage can’t be reversed. The concept is using up your neurological reserve. So all the drugs today work at slowing down that damage. Adding a dmt later won’t reverse what already happened.

You can think about it a little like sun screen. Do you need it all time? If you get skin damage it also doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from sun screen but it won’t fix the damage.

In the end my wife is using Tecfidera and we are following an oms lifestyle.

1 year ago

Everyone has there opinions on medication but I look at life as in when my time comes it comes

1 year ago

@fayed90 , life’s inevitabilities can be controlled. Why else do we look each way before crossing the road? 😉

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