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I saw my Ms nurse today. Have to wait two more weeks before I even see the medication. Which one do I choose ?! I just want the best one. Someone tell me what’s the best chance I have. This is my second attack in a year it’s worse this time. I’ve only been diagnosed a month. My Ms nurse said I’m getting ahead of my self but I’m scared the longer it takes the worse I will be. Which one do I choose? X

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5 years ago

I’ve read up on all if but they all so scary and I hate needles x

5 years ago

First thing is: relax. Whichever one you choose is going to help you. Each DMDs works on a slightly different part of the immune system but their effects are similar. I’m sure you’ve read the MS Choices booklet which explains it all in great detail and in the end it’s personal preference. But the final choice is (in my view) less important than the fact that you’ve decided to follow a regime, which is all good. . Your team will get you on it as soon as possible, but getting anxious about it in the meantime will do your MS no good at all. From what you say, you’re in good hands so trust your team. xx

5 years ago

Good advice from @cameron above.
Stress seems to be a catalyst that agitates our MS, so relaxing is key.
Accepting the DMD regime is about you doing something positive to redress the balance with your MS. it’s about having some control.

5 years ago

It is a very personal decision. I can give you the reasons why I’ve chosen mine.
I choose the avonex pen. Important for me was the once a week regime. as my memory is terrible I thought that would be most easy to follow and build in to my routine. Than the ease of use. No mixing no sight of seringes just some easy to follow (and to remember) steps. Safety was also something i looked at. I hve got a very inquisetive 6 yr old. Ofcourse everything is out of sight and reach but if she would ecer get her paws on the sharps container there is no way she would get stung by a needle as that gets all covered up and locked back in to the cap of the pen unable to take it off. Side efects wise they are all prety much the same and may differ from person to person. Appart from the once a day one copaxone. Just give yourself some time to think about how you function and your routines. Than imagine how the drugs of choice might fit in to that. X good luck

5 years ago

Ok Thankyou guys.xx

5 years ago

I don’t know if you’ve come across this site but it is really useful: if gives you an overview of each drug and helps you look at which might best suit your own lifestyle etc. As others have said, try not to get yourself stressed too much at this stage, whilst the final decision will be yours, you won’t be alone in making it. Your medical team will be able to answer all your questions, and if not, you can try here! Simply making the decision to try any of the DMDs is a positive step to taking back some control, good luck and keep us posted xx

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