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Medical Retirement

Anyone had any experience of this??
I had a meeting with Occupational Health on Monday, and they decided that I can’t safely return to my work and they are recommending that I am medically retired. To be honest, it was a bit of a shock but I understand their decision. Because they have to write up the report and send it to my employer I haven’t spoken to them yet – we were all assuming I was beginning a phased return next week!!
So now I have to attempt to get ESA………….
I don’t hold out much hope given that people who are terminally ill with cancer and people who have had 4 heart attacks get refused and told they’re ‘fit to work’, but this situation leaves me no option. Jobseekers requires you to actively look for work (literally walking around shops etc asking if they have vacancies) for 30+ hours a week, which I physically can’t do, so I would get sanctioned within minutes!!
I am a lone parent with 2 kids to support (one is physically disabled), so I am totally freaking out about how we can live!! Any advice please!!!

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2 years ago

@koffeelover – I have no answer to this, I’m afraid but want to say that I am really sorry to hear your news and I hope that ESA will work out and, if not, that some other opportunity will come along and a door will open.

Big hug, @thoughtfultraveller xx

2 years ago


On what grounds are they pushing medical retirement ?

The only grounds that I’m aware of that they could force that issue on would be if over the course of 12 months a person has been absecent from work for 50% or more of the time.

2 years ago

@thoughtfultraveller thank you xxxx

@tracyd I can’t safely continue working there, and it’s not possible to move me to a different role. It is a special school for teenagers with severe learning disability/severe autistic spectrum disorder. Obviously challenging behaviour is an issue with this type of student. My stick wouldn’t be allowed in the classrooms as the kids would use it as a weapon(!), and I cannot walk safely without it. People walking past me quickly cause me to fall. I totally understand why I can’t carry on working there.
Over the last 8 months (since I started having problems walking but pre diagnosis) I have applied for loads of jobs but haven’t been offered any interviews. I can’t resign because I wouldn’t be able to claim any benefits for 3 months and I have no other source of income and no partner or extended family to assist me (I am an ex care kid).
So they either have to make me redundant or medically retire me.

2 years ago

Oh yikes that sucks serious arse 🙁

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