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Mavenclad vs. Lemtrada?

Hi everyone!

I’ve recently been relapsing on Copaxone after taking it for ~4 years, and after an MRI my neurologist has offered me Gilenya, Mavenclad, or Lemtrada.

At the moment I am leaning towards either Mavenclad or Lemtrada, so I’m really interested to hear personal experiences on those drugs or if you had to make this decision yourself.

Any help is appreciated! I will definitely be reading up a lot on both drugs tonight but I know there’s a lot of valuable personal experiences here. 🙂

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1 year ago

I just completed my 5 day treatment of lemtrada last week the 5 days were not to bad took another week to recover just really tired but I feel good now and actually have seen some small improvement

1 year ago

I’ve taken cladribine. Advantages of clad over lemtrada include: no secondary autoimmunity, no injection reactions, less blood monitoring, much easier to tolerate, more convenient dosing. Cladribine also gets into brain. Lemtrada may have efficacy benefit.

1 year ago

Thanks for the replies. I had a look at the clinical trial data and browsed a few blogs/forum posts and I’m thinking of going for Lemtrada due to the higher efficacy.

1 year ago

i am 8 weeks post my first round of lemtrada and apart from a rash on day three of treatment which anti-histamines clear up quickly and a heavy fatigue i went through it fine. there are a lot of scary side effects from lemtrada but i will say this- look at the statistics of all these side effects and look at the potential benefits of the treatment. Fatigue is a big thing i suffer with even still get knocks of it but if i am to be honest i have got the best results from this treatment. i was on Avonix for 1 year, gilenya for 5 and i was not getting any results. my MS stayed active. Lemtrada is a “big gun” but sometimes you need a big gun to take on the monster….. to date my numbness has reduced by 60% – urgency to use the bathroom reduced by 70% – i am getting moments where i can stand and shower without holding on to something. as i suffer with walking and balance difficulties 10 feet would be my distance i could walk unaided now it 30 feet and gaining…. also walked with my son in the buggy half mile yesterday so my point is if you want to keep tipping along like i did for years it can be done but i took the decision to hit hard and it has been a gift so far….. hope it helps….

stay strong my friend

1 year ago

@highflyingbird thanks for sharing your story! It’s great that you’ve had some very noticeable improvements since starting Lemtrada.

I agree that I think hitting the disease hard sooner rather than later is the best option. I think the potential side effects are not as bad as having more severe MS later.

Stay strong too and hope all continues to be well. 🙂

1 year ago

@feloreena Not a problem at all i hope your doing good. look if you need to ask anything about my experience just message me i am more than happy to help…………….after all we are in the trenches fighting this one together……all of us…….

Stay strong my friend…………..

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