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Masterplanning Saturation

Greetings lovelies and a very happy new year to you all.
I hope your Christmas boxes were bursting with joy, and that your new years eves went with a pop, bang and a fizzle.
How have you all been faring? Are you doing ok? What’s new with you?

So, I’ve been awol again, still wondering where on earth to go next, but, now I’ve come to a the end of much magnificent searching, the answer is obvious to me. I’m going to sit indoors until the Spring arrives and plan for a new beginning. Nothing happens overnight, which is a shame, but I’ve got my freak on for newness which is all rather exciting….This is my Masterplan Saturation programme.

Step 1- Winter: Do little, stay warm, be quiet, think and plan in my new fangled Machiavellian Strategy with arched fingers and narrowed eyes in front of the log fire cackling to myself
*cackle* and a *mwoarhaha……* I am still in the same place emotionally and physically as per Christmas – I will regroup, and then divide and conquer come Spring with an iron fist.

Step 2- Spring: Make things, find love, fall in love, slip on the oily piddle of love, slip out of love and repeat. If anyone out there wants a wife who can cook clean and make polite conversation then go to or Thailand and look there. I offer only sarcasm, withering looks, sexual frustration and impertinence (but I can cook, will cook, and then eat anything that’s not moving) I so want to find “The One” it’s becoming all encompassing.
It might be George Clooney, it might be Shane McGowan I can’t afford to be choosy (must have teeth though and not hate me).

Step 3- Summer: I haven’t planned that far yet. But I’m positive that happiness might feature and/or dying alone (as a man so delicately said when I turned him down)

Aside from this, I am still around (which is a start) and although I haven’t completely dismissed the idea of calling it quits, I am marching ever onwards.

If you’ve missed me, then know that I’ve missed you too. If you’ve missed my news, it hasn’t been topical nor headline standard. And if you’ve missed my swearing, then balls.
And I really do mean that, from the bottom of my heart.


It’s nice to be here again

Marjolie xx

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5 years ago

@marjolie, it really is great to have you back and sounding in such good form and with a lifeplan.
You know, you’re recommending hibernation? Well it worked for Yogi Bear and Booboo, so who knows!

5 years ago

Hiya haven’t had the pleasure very often to read your comments but the few I did read were brill ! Glad to see you back and a you next few months planned glad you can , I can’t get beyond today and maybe a bit tomorrow ! Well done all the best femke xx

5 years ago

Glad to see you are back (with a vengence). Shiftms is definitely a more colourful place with your updates around. Enjoy hibernation but don’t cease the communication or we’ll have to send out the search dogs:)

5 years ago

@marjolie, welcome back, you’ve definitely been missed! I love your Masterplan, it looks like a stroke of genius to me! Whilst you’re hibernating during winter, if you need supplies sent in, let me know!

5 years ago

Heheh thanks all lovely peeps (Stavros style- jeez remember him?)I’ll stick around and share my dalliances as often as allows, no hounds of the baskervilles need be alerted! I’m feeling a tad Sherlock-like today…. might get out my bubble pipe and wander room to room in my smoking jacket looking pensive x 🙂

5 years ago

Majolie, I swear you should be available on the NHS. Marvellous Sounding lifeplan, blokes will be Most Stupid to ignore you. But hey don’t get too hung up about them! You sound a woman with bags of confidence and is step one on the path of socializing.

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