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Many questions

My hubby had MS. i wished i had asked him more questions about so many things. He said it was a females illness as it was ms not a MR for Mr. But ten days after we married our life together was over. Iver the years dr s continue to say i have signs of Ms. And again i am in this treadmill … dr says they want me on a Ms diet. My problem is why id dairy such a NO. As dairy . So any way first uestion out b of the way. Cheers i am rachealruth from newcastle nsw. Australia.

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1 year ago

@rachealruth , it is felt that it is unnatural for us to eat and drink products originating from cow’s milk. The following website would make interesting reading for you:-


So, have the Doctors performed any tests to diagnose MS, e.g. an MRI scan?

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There are complimentary therapies for MS (such as diet, vitamins, exercise, yoga, stretching, thai massage, meditation, etc) and these all help in their own ways. But if you have an MS diagnosis you should be offered treatment with one of the Disease Modifing Treatment/Therapies *DMT”s out there.

Do you have an official diagnosis?

Have you seen an MS specialist- not just a Neurologist- but a doctor who treats only/mostly MS patients?

If you do have an MS diagnosis please consider taking one of the highly effective DMTs out there. In MS “time is brain” meaning that the more time you let the disease advance without fighting it effectively the more brain function you lose.

Shift is a great community, full of helpful people. We are glad you are here 🙂

Personally- for diet I eat lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and lean protein. I stay away from packaged foods (almost anything that comes in a box from the grocery store) and I do take vitamins that are thought to lower inflammation.

For MS medication I take Lemtrada.

I am almost 43 and have been diagnosed since I was 29. I was losing a lot of function to MS prior to starting therapy with Lemtrada in 2014 but am much improved and living an active life again.

I hope this is helpful 🙂

Take care,

1 year ago

Hi us-emma- I’m in the U.S. too, but with PPMS not on any meds. But you sound so upbeat
I was wondering if you could share more about your diet and supplements!! Like, what are you
eating daily for breakfast – are eggs on your menu? I’m guessing you are gluten free as well?
Congratulations on doing so well – good for you! –

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