5 years ago

Is there anyone living in south Manchester? I would really like to meet up with people as iv never met anyone with M.S and have been diagnosed since i was 16, now 25.

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Where in south Manchester are you? I live in west Yorkshire so I’m not far if you want to arrange a meet up (could try and gather a bunch of people together?!) could meet in central Manchester now the weather is getting nicer and it’s not too far on the train!!x

I live in Chorlton, yeah that sounds like a great idea, do you know of any other people who we could invite?

Not a clue!! Just wait and see who replies to this!! What days/times are best for you?x

Cool, i work full time, but i have most weekends of. x

What about you? x

is there room for another? Sounds good i like in glossop?

sorry on my phone should of been live lol

I’m off work at the moment and will be for another 3 weeks, after that I’ll be going back phased return so no idea what my schedule will be!! I’d be free Saturday 9th June if that’s any good? And mark yes, the more the merrier!!x

Im on holiday from the 5th till the 18th 🙂 does anyone have any ideas of what we could do?

i live in bolton

Well if it’s sunny ( fingers crossed the sun continues!!) we could grab some food and have a mini picnic in Piccadilly gardens? Or could find a beer garden?

Beer garden sounds good, maybe kro in Piccadilly gardens? I have thurs 31st of. What do you guys reckon?

I like KRO 🙂 31st could work for me!x

I’m currently at work in central Manchester. Depending on what time you’re meeting I may be able to join you.

Cool well what time is everyone in this thread free? X on the 31st?

I could be in Manchester Piccadilly for 12.20.x

Cool sounds good to me Anneb what time do you finish work?

I could meet you for luch at 12.20. Is that OK with everyone else?
How will we recognise each other – Ophelia will you have to wear the hat? Should I wander round with a giant question mark?
I’ll try and add you friends (not tried it yet).

Haha, well il have to describe what im wearing on the day!

People still up for this on Thursday…..?!!

sorry wont be able to show up still workin at that time but hope you all have a good time

I’ll be there on Thursday (during my lunch break).
Anyone else coming?

Last chance to let people know we’re meeting at Kro bar in Manchester Piccadilly gardens at tomorrow 12.30….shame the weather is set to change but looking forward to meeting some fellow shift.mser’s!!!

Hey, just wondering are people eating? iv had a look at the menu look pretty tasty heres a link

See you tomorrow 🙂

I will do 🙂 x


I was in Manchester today…

Unfortunately it was postponed due to the weather so we’ll be looking to arrange another date (I hope).
Please say if you’d like to come.
I work in Manchester so could meet people at lunchtime.

Yes, I’d like to meet other people who also have MS and talk with them, so count me in!

yeh me to if im not workin sounds good again.

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