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Lyrica 911 be aware everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone my name is rick f. I’ve had ms rm since 2014. My neourologist is highly qualified at Lima Linda ca. Usa. I’ve done ok for the most part. On my 2nd ms med tecfedera 2. Years now. Had steroid treatment 2 years Ago for eye vision fine. My left hand. Been numb since I was diagnosed 3.5 yrs ago. Here comes the warning. 15 months ago I started 100 m.g. Lyrica 2omths after starting I noticed I was forcing my urinating too much . Then a month later I noticed I was swollen on my left side of my Abdomin. 1 month after that I had small persistent stomach ache. This all can most likely be ms or unrelated. Then dec.26th 2017 they doubled my dose of lyrica to 200 m.g. A day to try to help my hand mum ness pins and needles. Also the prior 6 months I had a lot of gait my left leg. I thought I was having a relapse. Well within 4weeks of my lyrica being doubled I was overnight in extreme pain abdomin kidneys swollen bladder in pain pins needles face Abdomin left eyelid swollen. ALOT of the symptoms over the past year were identical to ms. I’ve been in e.r. 4 times in 3 weeks and dr.s couldn’t figure it out till I did. Lyrica can mimic ms for a long time or hit you quick. You at think you are in a relapse but the thing to look for is new symptoms areas of numbness you never had and rapid decline in your abilities. Most ms meds work good that having rapid changes is unlikely. I now have stopped lyrica 21 days and things are a lot better have kidney problem and stomach. Ulcers . Seeing gi. Doc and urologist soon. I should be recoverable. Lyrica was close to shutting all my organs down. Within weeks I would of been dead.This drug is very very dangerous especially for ms people because it’s dangerous symptoms are normal symptoms of ms. Then when you figure it out you close to death. Pls. Give me your input. Rick f

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1 month ago

@rickf , that’s a fair warning.

However, it is accepted that not all drugs work for everyone and we should always be aware of potential side effects.

Personally, I’ve been on Lyrica for more years than I care to remember.

2 days ago

Thank you all for your thoughts! I hope my awful experience with my adverse reaction to lyrica will prevent anyone from going through what I have. I was on lyrica 15 months. It could of been prevented if my neurologist would of listened to me when I reported my symptoms as each one happened. She would tell me to have my general practioner handle it. My general doctor kept ignoring doing any exam or investigate the problems. I have talked to one lawyer and although he is too busy to take my case he said its a good case. It’s a delayed diagnosis with no diagnosis resulting in a serious injury. I am doing a little better. My kidney is working but atrophic. My creatine/ bun levels are ok but won’t know how long that will last. My intestinal ulcer is being treated and is getting better slowly. The cysts on my kidneys and liver are small and have to be monitored and if they get bigger will have to be drained. One very difficult symptom to reverse if possible is the severe gait in my leg w/ foot drop. It’s hardly been improving. I’m able to move my toes now but the foot is numb and it’s a damaged nerve problem. My blood pressure is down and my numb chest has gone away for now. One other problem is my hip is hurting from the kidney. I reported my severe adverse reactions to phiszer and to the fda. Thanks everyone for caring. rickf

2 days ago

Hi there just a question what on earth is Lyrica never heard of it is it a m.s. medication????

2 days ago

Hello lovely ! And @rickf
Sounds like a nightmare – thank god you are still here to tell the tale the lawyer in me urges you to speak again to a lawyer – it’s not what happens to you…
Thanks for the warning btw – I swerved it as a result.. I’d rather suffer than potentially add to my problems
I guess u are taking and doing all you can to heal, so I’ll not teach you to suck eggs

We are all different and it comes down to choice and necessity
It can be horrific late stages…

It’s known as pregablin here in Blighty/uk @dinnerlady btw
Look after yourselves everyone, esp u Rick x

1 day ago

Tecfidera 4 years running, activity helps the pins and needles. I have numbness only sometimes when I overdo it. Foot drop since my first big attack.

1 day ago

Are you the VA Loma Linda or the big house? I’m Just down the road.

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