kinga 08/03/17
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Lyme Diesese tests while doing MS tests?

Have you been tested for Lyme disease while undergoing MS diagnosis?
Im surprised I had to ask my neuro for the tests. Its a standard procedure in Poland but I guess its not in the UK?

We have almost a Lyme pandemic in Poland ( 4 of my friends were diagnosed with it)
so I thought its a standard test in the UK considering how many people travel around the world nowadays…

I heard Lyme is as tricky to diagnose as MS.

So just wondering if you had tests for it as standard or had to request it

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11 months ago

Yes I was tested for Lyme along with all others that mimic ms hiv, syphilis,ANA,ANCA etc. I live in Scotland so not sure if it’s standard practice throughout UK.

11 months ago

Hi @kinga,

Here in Belgium I was tested for I think about everything except for cancer markers!

11 months ago

Yes I was tested for Lyme at the time I was having my diagnosis process. UK Hampshire (at the time) checking in

11 months ago

@kinga, yes, in london i was tested for lyme automatically, along with many other things.

11 months ago

damn I knew that!
When I started researching MS it seemed to be such a obvious thing to test as well
especially that im from the heavily affected region I mentioned straight away.
I read that its best to test the spinal fluid for that – I had the LP done but obviously the opportunity to test it for Lyme is now wasted.
I was surprised my neuro didn’t test for it after so many consultations which makes me think that I should perhaps get a second opinion.

11 months ago

I was not tested for Lyme and I asked my neuro if I should be and he said no. He said I wasn’t showing any symptoms of Lyme’s disease, I live in the US. Potter

11 months ago

I live in Canada and was automatically tested for Lyme, TB, NMO and a couple of others.

11 months ago

I was tested for Lyme and was negative but am aware of the high rate of false negatives. I did have the typical bullseye rash which predated my neurological symptoms by 6-8 months. It wasn’t recognised as a tick bite and I was given steroids and antihistamines at the time.

11 months ago

In the UK it was one of the last tests I had to make sure it was ruled out.

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