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Lust for food !

Hi there, I am just wondering if anyone else seems to have lost their appetite, lust and excitement for food,
I know I have and it is such a shame, I used to love preparing new recipies for my husband but now I just want to cook easy quick and fast to save my legs and back, I know I could sit on a stool but its not the same is it1
I do enjoy a nice evening meal but mostly it is prepared by my Husband, only good thing is my portion sizes are smaller, I feel it is just a necessity now
I do not eat Breakfast, never have….I know I know I should and I have made it my NYR this year
I can go all day without eating until 6pm and I know it is naughty and not healthy at all but
I have just lost my desire to eat anything in the day, sometimes I wish someone would deliver me food and make me eat it! I keep watching those “graze box” ads on TV but so expensive!

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6 years ago

@loulou, this sounds like something that always goes through my mind, “exclusion”.
I’ve got MS, so I’m excluded from doing/enjoying things!
It’s the start of a slippery slope to isolation – it’s easier to stay locked away, where you’re comfortable, rather than get out and join the rest of humanity.
The actual logistics of doing/achieving anything seem to become too great and you stop doing it. It starts to be the easy option!
You owe it to yourself and the rest of your family to keep making the effort. Whether it be to eat, prepare the meal or whatever.
You’ve got MS, MS doesn’t have you!

6 years ago

I dont feel excluded or isolated from anything at all, its is not that I have given up, all I am saying is that my body physically has lost the lust for food , I wish it hadn’t believe me!
and my ability to spend time in the kitchen preparing food has got harder, dont get me wrong I would LOVE to spend the time cooking like I used to unfortunately my back or legs won’t allow, I do what I can and I push myself to the limit

6 years ago

I see, @loulou, I got that one wrong (he says embarrassingly :oops:)

The subject has come up recently :- so you’re not alone.

Let’s hope it’s just one of the passing phases.

6 years ago

All I can say is I feel for you can’t give you any ad vice but to say lets hope it will come back soon again . Maybe as yor less mobile now your brain and body are adjusting to not needing quite so much food . I had the opposite problem and comfort ate with bad results not helped by the steroid wich gave me an appetite .
All the best femke xx

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6 years ago

Have you ruled out clinical depression?

6 years ago

I asked if anyone felt they had lost their appetite due to MS
I do not feel isolated, I do not lock myself away, and I am not depressed far from it!
thanks Femke: Yes I think you are right, as Im not quite so active my body is not
requiring so much food , hopefully we are going to France for a break this year, must meet up x

6 years ago

Kool forward to it !!! Xxxxxxxx

6 years ago

Foggy head again look forward to it ! Not kool forward to it ! Xx

6 years ago

When I was at my worst I had to be reminded or practically forced to eat something, at the time I wished I could bottle what was going on in my head and sell it as I’d never been like that about food before but it stopped after about 3 weeks.

The graze thing, if you aren’t already sign up to the products page on groupon, every now and again they have an offer of 4 boxes for £5 🙂

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