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Lumbar Puncture and painful stiff neck?

I had a LP done 4 days ago and the pain in a neck when Im sited just got worse today. It’s really stiff and hurts more when I move head or talk. Is it normal? Or should I see a doc? Im fine when I’m flat in bed but can’t work or sit at all…I do drink a lot coffee and water etc
After a LP doc told me to go home stright away without staying flat for at least one hr contrary to what should have been done…

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1 year ago

Call your doc. Here in the states we’re told to lay flat for several days!

1 year ago

I had a lumbar puncture and laid down for atleast30 mins after, travelled home on the train and I was fine except for back ache the next couple days x

1 year ago

Snap snap snap! I had my LP over 2 years ago and had a stiff neck what feels like straight afterwards. Always thought it was MS related. Eventually mentioned it in passing to my GP last year – turns out I have arthritis in my neck. There are exercises I can do and they help, so suggest getting it checked out.

1 year ago

I had an LP in December and, whilst the actual procedure was ok, I had immediate left hip pain and the front of the left leg hurt. When local wore off, I had back ache. The following day I had a stiff neck, sore back of head and altered hearing. I kept dosed up and it passed after 7-10 days. I kept well hydrated during that time too.
I also didn’t lay flat at all. The Dr sat me up more or less straight away and said it wasn’t necessary. I did go home and rest fairly flat for the rest of the day.

1 year ago

Thanks guys!
I can’t sit for more than 15 min otherwise my neck is extremely painfully. I hope it gets better indeed otherwise I will call my doc on Monday.
The LP was aweful -they hit a nerve 3 times so I felt electric hits in my leg brrrrr!

1 year ago

That is awful.

1 year ago

It got better week after the LP. I wish I had more info what to expect after LP.
Not as easy as I expected it to be 🙂
Back on my feet! woohoo! :))

1 year ago

I had LP 3 days ago, I guess I’m experiencing the exact same things you are talking about.
It is horribly awful, I didn’t expect it to be this bad.
Terrible headache, stiff painful neck whenever I stand up and walk a meter.
Despite being laid down 4 hours in hospital after the procedure it seems it does not have any correlation to reducing the headache and neck pain and stiffness you’ll experience the next couple of days. Seems like it needs a week or so to fully resolve.
Have to lay flat in bed for a week or so or else your head and neck are going to blast! Not something cool at all :$

9 months ago

Hie i had an LP and this month on the 5th today its the 10th almost day number 5 after i had the procedure to screen for mengaitis. I have developed pilles, if i sit or walk for a while i feel this terrible pain towards my neck and a headache which quickly gets resolved when i do lie down. So i have read the thread above regarding the LP wat i would like to know are u all perfectly well now no more neck pains and headache?

9 months ago

HI madhevu,
It took exactly 7 days to get back to normal…. I went to the doc for a check ( and ironicaly it was the first day i felt back to normal! lol ) but before that i couldnt sit or walk…stayed in bed all the time. Now all is totally fine!
All the best to you !

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