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Lumbar Puncture

Hi, just wanted some advice in regards to LPs. My first LP (part of my diagnosis) was particularly horrific and I was just wondering, as it has been mentioned, will I need to have another one? And what would the reason for having another one be?

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3 weeks ago

@katherineee , if you have a definite diagnosis already, there would seem little point in enduring another.

2 weeks ago

@stumbler that is really good to hear.

2 weeks ago

My first was horrible as it was done by medical students and they kept scraping my vertebrae with the needle but an expert (the guys who do epidurals) did it and it was fine. If it does need repeating it may be better

2 weeks ago

I think mine was a new doctor and he actually punched a hole so I was leaking spinal fluid 😢 I had to be lay flat for over a week, praying if I have to get another it won’t be anything like that. I’m sorry about your bad experience too ☹️

2 weeks ago

I had a bad experience with my LP too. They miss twice while I was on my ward bed and I had shocks down to my toes an I had to tell them to stop and then to next day they took me to theatre and I was fine didn’t feel a thing!

2 weeks ago

@rebeccar07 hopefully I won’t have to have another but maybe they’ll take me to theatre for my next one if I tell them how terrible the first one was for me (fingers crossed). Hope you are well 😊

2 weeks ago

You really don’t need two, unless they are looking at very recent studies and tests on your spinal fluid.

Insist on a guided LP and an experienced radiologist, you have every right to request this… people get embarrassed about this stuff….. but funnily people are more strict with tradesman doing work on their house than their own body… we humans are mad…

2 weeks ago

I had two at thebeginning of my ms ‘carrier’.
The first lying down in the hospital bed, which was agony and followed by two days ofmonster headaches, despite following instructions about lying still and drinking plenty offluids.
The second ine, with contrast, was even worse. They first wasnted to do it sitting up, but during the procedure I passed out. Then they had to redo while lting down. And again the monster headaches afterwards.
Never again!

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