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Lift legs on bed

Hi all
I hope someone can help here. I am reaching desperation now….

When i walk my feet are so stuck on the floor that in order to move with my walker is daunting!

I only walk from sofa to toilet from bed to toilet from bed to landing

Go on my bottom down staircase, husband needs to lift my legs up the stairs

This is so desperate, and when i finally make it to the bed my legs don’t lift up and my upper body is not strong enough to do anything .

I see many of you have just started ms but is there someone in same situation? Please reply saying how you do it!

I am most of the time on my own kids in school husband working so this is now quite upsetting…..

I still can manage to sit down on my scooter and scoot outside the house which is my best time!

Please reply

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1 year ago

@mmhhpp, things are getting tough for you. Not too good here either but I don’t have young kids. I’m in a motorised wheelchair a lot of the time as I had been falling too often. Is it something you would consider? It means I can zoom about indoors ( crashing into doorways and furniture) when my partner’s in his studio or out. I use a walker up and down the kitchen for exercise every now and then, and touch walk to the loo. We had 2 handrails up the stairs but it meant my partner helping me off at the top so we got a basic stairlift put in but I’m moving downstairs soon so I’m on one level. All these things cost, and I’m fortunate I can do it little by little. The biggest help was the foldawheel, but maybe you don’t want to go down that route. If it’s something you would consider its worth looking at the secondhand mobility websites. Getting into the garden is out for me: down 2 steps, then one more then across unstable pebbles. I’m hoping to get ramps and decking so I’m not trapped indoors. Can you access your garden? I agree, scooting is great. Such freedom! I managed to run into and break a glass panel in our local Co-op – they still let me in ! One last thing, I’ve got one of those ghastly alarm things in case I fall and it does give peace of mind, even if it’s for old folks – which I am. I’m very late onset PPMS which was diagnosed last year but I’m determined to keep going. Keep going too! If you’re up for being ‘friends’ with a senior, let me know. If not, no problem. Have a look at my profile. Xx

1 year ago

@mmhhpp , it sounds like you need a neuro-physio assessment as it sounds like some of your muscle groups are just not working. Have a word with your MS Nurse to arrange this.

In the meantime, have a look through these exercises

Exercise 1 – Lying Knee Bend
Exercise 3 – Bridging
Exercise 25 – Hip Hitch

I’m sure the specific exercises above could help. 1 and 3 are performed lying and 25 is seated.

1 year ago

Dear merfield and stumbler,

Thanks very much for your replies!!!

Merfield i also have a wheelchair and scooter that i use inside house and helps a lot! I am also in the process of moving downstairs which will help a lot!
But still going to bed and lifting legs up it is going to be a challenge on my own….also walking when tired….

I am sorry to hear you cannot go into the garden…. i hope it gets sorted out soon, especially now that the good weather comes…i luckily have access to garden through garage door and side of the house!

I am also thinking on the alarm.

I have many senior friends 😃 I am 44 but i go to an exercise group where all of them are in the 70s and 80s ! In better form than myself…..

Stumbler you are right about the exercises….. i need some wheelpower sometime to get in the mood to do them….

1 year ago

I have similar issues and have found getting around with my walker increasingly hard due to foot drop on the leftside. my ms nurse recommended me for FES and I have just been fitted with this today. Think it is going to make a big difference to the number of falls I have and it helps hugely with the stuck foot issue you describe. Speak to your ms nurse and see if you can get a referral its worth getting pushy to try it.

best of luck

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