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Lifestyle shift – a short story

Hi all!

I have been a member of for about two and a half months, since I came out of the hospital after my first ever steroid iv (a whole week).
During this time I had a lovely stroll through Limboland, gazed at what my life was before the optic neuritis and something cliked: my life was an unhealthy stressful kindda mess that needed to be sorted out (smoking, coke, lack of exercise, a job in sales – telemarketing and lots of dreams that I only focused on in my spare time, hoping that I might achieve them.

And then came the second shift – my Lifestyle Shift. After reading tona of information about MS and all things connected, after dusting away my old psychology and neurophysiology manuals, after getting my final Dx, now I know: I am master of my own life and MS is part of me, the Devil inside of me. As with all things demonic, I will try to neutralize it with faith in a better life filled with yoga, healthy diet, medication, meditation ;)), relaxation and starting my own business as a photographer and graphic designer.

As strangely as it might sound, MS has empowered me to take hold of my own life, and get determined to train my CNS into place for as long as I can!

Best of luck and health to all of you! I am happy that I found and that I can share these issues here, without making my family go mad :))

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4 years ago

@denisa , I think we all need a life-changing experience to make us re-evaluate and re-assess our lives and the values that we place on attributes of our life.

A diagnosis of MS is one such life-changing experience.

I wouldn’t quite regard MS as the devil. It’s more of an uninvited guest, a squatter that cannot be evicted. So, it may be a case of finding a way to live in harmony with this unwelcome, but permanent, lodger.

And, you are so right, we are all masters of our own destiny. So, thank you for sharing the positives that you have gained from a situation that none of us wanted.

May I wish you every success in this new direction for your life. 🙂

4 years ago

Hey @stumbler! Thank you for your warm wishes and may I add that has become more familiar with your support 🙂

I compared it to the devil because MS affects us all differently, and by me saying that MS is kindda my cranky friend, it might upset other msers and make them unable to relate to the idea of my short story.

If I at least made somebody’s life a bit better with this post, I am happy. I wish to encourage msers to take hold of their own life, and although the symptoms and relapses may take their toll, we are all survivors and heroes of life as it is. Life is unpredictable and challenging even without MS. “Made Strong!” – that’s what I read somewhere these two months.

Hope to be able to update more often, here on the forum. I’ll try to keep you up to date with my progresses and MS journey.

4 years ago

Giggle, I read some info that said we would feel empowered to “do something” when we get the diagnosis. I was going to get a tattoo, some sort of climbing plant up an old scar -with some sort of vamp figure………. No, I’ve not done it yet! Now with the thread about what is you MS song, I might get a snake, as my symbol for MS. Jx

4 years ago

Hi @judy-gy! I support your decision in getting a tattoo to mark your MS presence / story. Although I wouldn’t go to such extent myself, I can understand how such an action can have an empowering effect on you.

A snake?! Hmmm… Why portray the “dragon”*** when you can portray the “hero” that slays it bit by bit: you! Think of something more personal, more your own self
.. something that helped you be strong.

Last but not least, remember that you are a powerful person, no matter what MS says or does, or what other people say or do.

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