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legs at the end of the day

everyday I seem to get something different wrong I thought I was a hypochondriac before being diagnosed with MS, just knowing what the problem was half the battle. anyway at night time or around 9pm my legs start off I feel like taking them of they ache, and feel stiff like worms crawling up my legs talk about restless and when I go to bed I get spasms like my back twitches, and my leg left one as a mind of its own. when I get cramp it feels like I have been kicked for a couple of days, you get comfortable in bed then get spasms trying to get out of bed to stop it, when I write about problems I can laugh but at the time its painful.

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2 years ago

Obviously it’s horses for courses,but I found doing weights gets rid of excessive energy, and I no longer have the spasms, I also changed to decaf, really just following advice for RLS!managing-rls/c1aik

2 years ago

@mil0426 , talk these problems through with your MS Nurse.

It sounds like you have a couple of things going on, neuropathic pain ( and spasticity ( to name two.

There are things that can be done to address some of these problems. There are drugs to relax muscles and drugs to address neuropathic pain.

There are also supplements that may help, e.g. Magnesium. And some gat assistance from drinking tonic water (with or without the gin! lol), it’s the quinine in tonic water which helps.

2 years ago

Take magnesium at night, no more cramps at night amymore!!

2 years ago

Thank you everyone for your comment’s I will take them on board
I don’t have a MS nurse I just see the neurologist 3 times a year and doctor askes me what pain relief I want or she just looks in a book and says try this.

2 years ago

@mil0426 , GPs aren’t best placed to look at solutions to neuro-problems.

Look up your local MS Nurse on this website:-

You can probably self-refer, so it might be worth giving them a call. They usually perform a very good role between your GP and your Neuro.

2 years ago

My consultant prescribed Quinine Sulphate for night cramps and it has helped so it could be worth a try x

2 years ago

I get restless legs really bad also!

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