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Laser Therapy?

Hello, my name is Linda and I’m new to this forum, so please excuse me if I don’t work it right.
I have mild MS and am on a fairly mild 5000IU of Vitamin D daily. Also trying to do yoga, but it gets harder to balance each time I try.
Then someone suggested to do laser therapy (course he has a vested interest to having me come in week after week as he collects a tidy $95 per session). Has anyone had any experience? They basically put the pad on the back of my neck, and on the base of my spine, and let it hum for 40 minutes, then they use a pointer on my neck. Is it just in the mind, or has anyone heard this works? It’s kinda expensive, so don’t want to keep it going if it is baloney.

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1 year ago

Hi @lindaetob and welcome.

I haven’t heard of laser therapy. Can I assume this is Cold Laser Therapy? If so, it’s a form of Pain Management Therapy. I’m not sure how this would work with MS, where most pain is neuropathic.

I found this website, , which suggests one of the main disadvantages is the frequency and cost of treatment.

1 year ago

There are many alternative treatments out there that don’t work on MS. Are you on any traditional treatment, if you aren’t you probably need to talk to your neuro about starting one. If you are a change might be in order. I started one as soon as I was diagnosed, I wanted to slow down this disease as much a possible. It has been ten years and I haven’t had any relapses or further damage. Potter

1 year ago

With a condition like MS lots of people are trying to sell us lots of dodgy treatments. The sad truth is that the misery of having a chronic illness is a goldmine for some (including big pharma companies) and I’d be very careful with alternative treatments and check the scientific evidence on their effectiveness. A good page is the Cochrane Library or Google Scholar – but both these get very technical very quickly.

1 year ago

It sounds like a reet load of sh1te to me tell em to kiss yer arse, politely if you must 😂 get yourself to a nightclub instead and av it large it’s cheaper and there’s a crap ton of lasers and also booze which is always a bonus.

Peace outty and avvvvv ittttttt ahhhhhhhh!!! 😂

1 year ago


I’m going to apologise in advance because this is going to sound VERY harsh, but I think it needs to be said.

What is ‘Mild’ MS ?

Either you have MS which is causing scaring in your brain or spine or both or you don’t ? Either your Myelin is being stripped away from your nerves or it isn’t ? Not losing your sight, your bowels of your ability to walk and work does NOT mean you have ‘mild MS’ it just means that TODAY you are not syptomatic …….

You can’t be ‘a little bit pregnant’ any more than you can have ‘mild MS’ – you either are or you aren’t

It sounds like you’re recieving no DMT for your MS (presumably because some knobber told you it’s mild and to wait until it was ‘bad enough’ ….. presumably when you might be in a wheelchair, in pain with sight loss – because it’s bad enough then not mild right ???) – so YES your disease is prgressing every day because you are not recieving any treatment to actually slow it down or halt it ….

This person who want’s to take your money for their ‘laser’ machine ….. it sounds to me like they might actually use an ultrasound machine (which will do F’all for your MS) and then rob you ……

Go and see an MS specialist Neurolgist (not a generic ‘head tool’ neurologist) – get some MRI’s of your brain and spine – with and without contrast and request a lesion load comparison to your diagnosis ones and then get some real treatment and fight back.

You have a friend request, I’m really not a monster, but I think it needed to be said xxx

1 year ago

@lindaetob – I just wanted to add my 2 cents… I’m in the U.S. and early in the game (of MS) I came under the sway of plenty of ‘new age’ treatments. I was very naive and got very broke very fast. I’m dealing with PPMS – so meds not of too much help for me, but what I do now is see a Chiropractor regularly, get a massage here and there , yoga (as I can) and I meditate.

But a proper neurologist really is key as @tracyd said because most of the folks offering these pseudo-treatments don’t know one little thing about MS – or your real needs.

If you do want to go outside the box – I would recommend sticking with KNOWN beneficial treatments –
like massage, which is pretty basic and will at least get rid of some of the stress – so you can make better decisions all around! :))

1 year ago

@lindaetob I know the course you said, some company take charge to train how to use the cold laser therapy to treat the disease. Actually the use method is simple, we normally teach the patient or doctor for free.
Regarding the laser therapy, it is the tendency, as it is pain free, surgery free, no side effect, and it can use recycling, it is the machine. Most clinic in America, UK, Israel etc are using the cold laser therapy instrument to treat Arthritis, Back pain, Nerve Root Pain, Post-surgical pain, Post-trauma acute pain, Neck Pain, Whiplash, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, degenerative disc disease, Herniated discs, Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Heel Spurs, Plantar Fascitis,Sprains and strains, Swelling, TMJ Pain, Dysfunction, Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow, Wound-healing.

About the therapeutic principle, please refer to

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