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Language difficulties

Hi All, I’m Giulia.
First post, newly diagnosed 4 months ago. In the last 8/9 months I’ve experienced some difficulties with language in general. When I talk sometimes I struggle to find words, or the sentences don’t come out easily, I feel like I’m a bit slower than usual when I talk. When I write as well I often invert letters. Like “doog” to say “good”. I’ve never had these problems. I don’t know if this could be MS related.
Also, I speak 3 languages, and french was the last one I started practicing intensly at the end of 2016. Could it be that?

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5 months ago

Hi @giuliab and welcome.

MS can present us with cognition difficulties. We just have to acknowledge these problems and manage them accordingly, by talking and writing a bit slower, to allow us to form the sentences and write correctly.

I should imagine that adopting a new language is hard for anybody. But, MS can complicate this challenge. It’s good mental exercise, so don’t give up.

4 months ago

@stumbler thanks for the reply! 🙂 still adapting to this new world!

4 months ago

Dear Giulia just found your post fom nearly a month ago, but I have only recently joined forum, I have serious problems talking ( I sound drunk a lot of the time) problems, especially if I’m tired. Can’t answer questions quickly even though I know the answer, in fact ex other half stopped me going to local pub quiz 20 years ago because I was getting so frustrated! Have had to learn to live with it, never had any reversing problems but as an ex ESOL teacher and ex Shorthand taker I get doubly frustrated, but have learn’t not to let it get to me as stress does not help with MS, Don’t let it get you down, you will find ways around it. Good Luck😍

4 months ago

Hello @giuliab, yes I find word retrieval a bit tricky sometimes. I also have to double check everything I type nowadays. Not for spelling mistakes but for an entirely random word in the middle of text! It’s annoying. But then, I’m getting older too so could be a combination…… 🙂

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