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Lack of acid reflux

Ok so this probably sounds like a really odd thing to ask about, well it is isn’t it, it’s not that I want reflux it’s just that up until recently it would be a problem on & off fairly regularly. Sometimes a mild background issue, sometimes making eating, sleeping & generally moving around really difficult. Then a few weeks back it got really bad & had to resort to constant gaviscon tabs (bleuch!!) to get through the day on top of the omeprazole. This was all really frustrating & I was getting quite concerned that it was going somewhere scary. Then thankfully it eased. Now at first this didn’t mean much because as I said earlier it’s always been on & off to some extent but now I’m realising it’s been weeks, possibly close to months & nothing! It’s great, doesn’t matter what I eat, when i eat it, what position I find myself in trying to lift something, no problem. So while I’m thrilled with the current situation, I’d really like some insight into it for future reference. I’m pretty sure it’s nothing I’ve done but I’d love to able to replicate it in the future if necessary.

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever tryed to search for information about not having a symptom but it’s harder than it sounds & so i turn to the collective wisdom that is shift in the hope that someone, somewhere may have some experience that could shed some light for me 🤔

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9 months ago

@lilbird , does this help at all:- ?

You just knew I’d find something……….. 😉

9 months ago

Haha hi @stumbler, I may have suspected 😉

It’s interesting, I didn’t realise that reflux could relate to a particular lesion. I wonder if thats a possibility in my case? At first i thought it couldn’t because wonderfully my latest MRI showed NEDA 😁😁😁 but now that I think about it the problem had cleared up by the MRI because leading up to it I had been worried that I wouldn’t be able to lie still for long enough to get through it but in fact it was no problem at all. Thanks, this is also helpful because I hadn’t been able to put an exact time table on the events but this narrows it down a bit more. Now I wonder could this have been a lesion issue that has now settled & therefore wouldn’t show as active, I suppose it’s possible from the little I understand about it because it’s been a background issue for a really long time but something you’d ever suspect linked to ms before you were exposed to the knowledge of its wide ranging possible affects 🤔

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