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Labour saving kitchen gadgets

Hi all just thought Id start this topic as it maybe handy to some of you, sometimes it is hard to stand in the kitchen sometimes for ages preparing food, a few gadgets I use are

Slow cooker (A Crock Pot) FABULOUS! just chuck it all in, chillies, casseroles, fajita mixes, curries, just about anything you’d usually put in a frying pan, SO MUCH QUICKER and you dont need to stand stirring, just prep the ingredients in the items below:

A Morphy Richards glass food chopper about £23.00 a must for slicing/wizzing onions, mushrooms, veg etc, anything you want

A Pampered Chef food chopper, now these are fabulous for garlic and chopping smaller things
about £25.00 but worth every penny (had mine for 6 years!)

Chuck them all in the dishwasher (if you have one) I would not be without any of these three things!

Really helps if you get fatigued, dexterity problems, bad back etc
Anyone have any other GREAT labour/time saving cooking gadgets they can share with us
xxx ps I am not enjoying this heat AT AL !!!!!!!

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6 years ago

How do you make fajitas in a slowcooker?

I have a slowcooker and seem to be using it more and more. By the end of the day I never feel like cooking or have the energy to do it.

Yesterday I made a chilli, used frozen pre cut peppers and onions, as often end up cutting myself!, tinned chilli beans, sweet corn and chopped toms. Ate it with microwave rice. The rice is something I would never have used, but find it easier than putting something in the oven, no washing up either.

I also have a Breville hot cup, heats one cup of water at a time, means no heavy kettle to lift, and spill. Also very quick.

I also have a dishwasher, saves on dropping dishes, although normally have to empty it in 2 goes.

6 years ago

Those two minute in the microwave rice sachets are a godsend! cooking it in a pan is a pain
I put the fajita meat , peppers, tomatoes, powder mix etc into “the crock” and zap the wraps in the microwave
then pile on the fattening stuff!
I cannot stand grating cheese and its expensive to buy grated,(I know, we shouldnt even be eating it!!!) but I wonder if you can buy an electric cheese grater, must look into that

6 years ago

Clearmri good point, with a slow cooker you can prep it all in the morning as I too unfortunatly hate cooking in the evening as too tired, just want to sit down with a glass of vino!

6 years ago

A wife!

6 years ago

now pete that is VERY cheeky but did make me laugh lots!!!

6 years ago

@pottypete. Hahaha, we are all pissing ourselves at that one. NOT!!
Got to say, slow-cooker saved my life when I was doing a full time degree and had 2 young kids. For 3 yrs the kids had casserole 5 days a week!
Sometime you have to “let it go”. I don’t do baking anymore, or bending or standing in kitchen for hrs. Can’t.
I use the microwave and readymeals a lot. Stir-frys and pasta….cook in minutes. Or stuff you put in the oven and leave (go sit down, revive with a cuppa)
Veetee rice v good. vacumn packed and serves 2, in 2 mins.
Yes I too have a all singing food processor…trouble is it has more parts than the human body and I tend to create a monster pile of washing up with it.
I even now sometimes buy prepared veg or fruit…less time standing. Funny how priorities changes when the body says “can’t do it”. On the lifting of stuff….I use a plastic jug to fill the kettle (a full kettle being too heavy) and switched to buying 2 litre cartons milk from 4 litre (full 4 litre one being too heavy. Sometimes its the smallest changes make life easier. and a “grabber” for the things on the floor. I’m getting quite good. Can pick up a grape, without squishing it!!

6 years ago

A wife would be labour saving for me…I’m on my own! ;o)

6 years ago

Yes and I will soon be on my own so thanks for reminding me to buy a slow cooked when I go. Some good tips and Pete I will keep the wife thing in the back of my head, as I have one now that has not cooked me a meal since thanksgiving.

6 years ago

hey Pete… the wife may be labour-saving but DAMNED EXPENSIVE to obtain and maintain 🙂

i lurve the slow cooker – godesend during last relapse in January cos i managed to ‘chop n chuck’ everything in there and when hubby came home from work and he had a home-cooked meal i felt i’d achieved something and was still doing my bit albeit a v small bit as that was all i could do for the whole day (he had to serve up and wash up-bless-but i had cooked -sort of!)

have an battery can opener but its hit and miss if it works, an amefa knife for chopping things – i feel safer using it an is less labour intensive than a normal knife, and the daft things like wearing a rubber glove to open jars (mmm kinky!)

since moving into bungalow i’ve inherited the kitchen as no funds to do it up yet but i do have a combi microwave which is oven and grill – whilst not labour saving it means i am much much safer cooking as i am removing hot food from the oven at board height now cos i am not bending down to use the ‘normal’ oven which was dangerouous especially if going dizzy and losing balance with something hot in hands.

I have 1 cup-coffee maker but also don’t feel safe carrying drinks so especially in relapse a make a large flask of tea and take it with me to bed/sofa so not only do i not need to go to kitchen everytime i needed a cuppa it was also safe as i was not walking around with cup of hot liquid (especially difficult when on crutches too!) so if it was dropped i didn’t go everywhere and i didn’t get scalded

oh and i can’t afford a proper dishwasher – hubby is it!!! 😉

6 years ago

Hi Becks!
some good ideas there, Im going to look up electric can openers today, can I ask…what is an amefa knife?
Iam not a tea drinker but for those of you who are and drink a few cups through the day, making a flask to carry around is a fabulous “safe” idea! I fill a big sports bottle of cranberry juice every morning as im not too confident carrying glasses and mugs, keep the tips coming everyone! x

6 years ago

hiya if you google amefa knife and click images you’ll see an l-shaped knife with black verticle handle which has a curved L-shaped edge at the bottom which means when chopping you grasp the handle in a fist shape and you can rock it forward and back rather than holding a traditional knife with your wrist twisted in a horizontal position so its ergonomically better for you and less labour intensive – its just a little thing but it does make a difference – had mine 11 years or so thru occupational health but they are all over the internet now.

i’m RUBBISH at explaining but it is much safer to use especially if you have dexterity problems, also for all those who use a computer with a mouse (ok so this isn’t a kitchen gadget) you can get vertical mouses again so your wrist isn’t turned horizontal so it is less strain on the wrist which is less labour intensive (access to work sorted that one out for me!)

6 years ago

Just a thougt but I cook ala “Jamie Oliver” stylee! I dont peel my potatoes or carrots, never have done, so much easier as long as they are clean, takes away some of the goodness anyway!
now a gadget I would really like is one that takes all the annoying skins of garlic bulbs, have tried the frozen and jarred stuff but its just not the same

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