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Keeping cool


So, with the glorious weather we’re currently having in England, I’m reminded that I really can’t cope with the heat! Last year (I was diagnosed officially in July) it just made my ankles crazy stiff and painful however today, I went for a walk and whilst no painful ankles. I began to jumble my words and lose the ability to actually get them out a few times.

Can anyone recommend any cooling scarfs or anything of the sort that don’t require being actually frozen (coz who has time for that). I’ve had a look online and there appears to be quite a few different types and I didn’t want to waste money on one that might not be that great!

Last year I was freezing my tea towels and wrapping them around my ankles but it was a lot of faff! Ha!

Thanks in advance!

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@avox , Amazon do a range of cooling vests, although you have to wade through doggie vests and other options too.

One of the better options seem to be the “Arctic Heat Sports Cooling Vest”, although it is pricey.

Give the MS Society Helpline (0808 800 8000) a call. They may have suggestions and may even assist the purchase with a grant. 😉

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I have tried the neck wraps that have gelatin type crystals in them that you keep in the fridge. The cooling effect didn’t last very long and I had trouble with them molding. The heat bothers me also, even a warm shower can do me in. I carry a small cooler with me in the summer with frozen bottles of water. I have regular bottles of water mix in. If I start to get over heated I put the frozen bottle directly on the back of the neck. It usually doesn’t take to long to cool the blood going to my brain. We discovered how well this worked when we got stuck in a traffic jam and it was 105 degrees. Our car was overheating so we couldn’t keep the air conditioner on. I was almost passed out so my husband grabbed a frozen bottle out of the cooler and put it behind my head. When the traffic started moving I was awake and feeling much better. Potter

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well I feel my MS’s getting wilder during the heat last night i got insomnia and the last three days i’ve been having headache
today in my city in Saudi Arabia there is a dudt storm tempreture over 40! guess my brain was restless preparing to that lol

if I feel burny in my feet i dip them in cool water. slightly cold then i feel better and of course not to mention having a lot of water

be safe

8 months ago

Thanks for the replies!

I’ve seen a few neck tie / scarf type things on Amazon that claim that if you wet them they get ice cold (they have the little bead type things in them) so I think I might try one of those and see how I fare!

I’m going to France in August camping for a few days so I’m trying to be prepared especially as I won’t have access to a freezer.

I have the St John’s koolpacks which I’ve found are pretty decent (I mainly use them on injection sites just after injection), they seem to last a little while at least so it’s an option!

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