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it is a great book – i was told to read it by my ms nurse when i was diagnosed and so i bought it and its still on my book shelf 12 years on – i would recommend it for anyone newly diagnosed or struggling with their diagnosis

Good tip, will check it out, thanks. A Teer jerker? a bit allergic to those…


Not too much a tear jerker. Just very real, I finally feel like my thoughts have been put into words; I’m not good with words. I was just dx in February and have struggled with: How much do I tell my husband about my symptoms. We have a very strong and loving marriage and I fear being a couple that end up going their seperate ways because “it’s always the MS…” Also, my family lives 3000 miles away, so how much do I tell them cause I don’t want to worry them, but I also don’t want the surprise of “where did this come from, I thought you were doing fine…” (As we all know, a pwms doing fine is very different than a healthy person doing fine) Also, how do you deal with the unknown and how do you deal with accepting when you can’t do something anymore. It’s an amazing book. I’ll probably read it again regularly just so I don’t lose sight of what’s important.

finally, the book, whixh looks good! I will read it for sure:)

Ordered it on Amazon yesterday…. thanks again for the tip… I needed something sobering after just finished the hunger games trilogy….

Oh gonna order that!

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