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Just a question.

Hi ya’ll. I am new to all this MS stuff I was diagnosed in 2013 but didn’t do research and haven’t thought much about it because I didn’t want to believe it was true. I have 3 children 7, 4, and 9 months and I want to get well enough to always be there for them. lately with all my bad luck, im scared, im nervous and I cant talk to my husband, cuz I don’t want him to worry about me. I have a few questions.
1. Has anyone had optic neuritis and gone for the 3 day steroid IV and not had it work. What were your 2nd options? Anyone heard of Phenytoin and does that help with optic neuritis. ( I had it once when I was pregnant and then it went away.) My son is 9 months now and the last 2 week, I have had blurry vision in my left eye. Another round of optic neuritis, its affecting my driving and i’m getting dizzy and nauseous because my other eye is working so hard. Anything I can try??
2. Why is it everytime I lay down, im so uncomfortable? I have like shooting pains in my back and sides?
3. Can they do blood work to see what things your body is lacking and can you protect the nerves to prevent attacks?? I want to be around and fully functioning as long as possible??
4-Will my headaches ever go away?
I will have more questions, im sure!!
Any advice helps.

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1 year ago

There’s nothing really to protect the nerves as such but if you speak to your consultant they should be able to offer you DMT (Disease modifying therapy) that will attempt to reduce the amount of relapses and reduce the severity of any we do have. When I had my optic neuritis I didn’t have any steroids and my vision came back fully but took a little longer. Now I have a toddler I would defo take them to try speed up the recovery, but it’s never guaranteed to. They can do certain blood tests for vitamin levels, electrolytes and hormones etc and many of us find we’re lacking vitamin D, but there’s nothing in the blood work that is particularly MS related. Also may be worth seeing a neurophysio, but as for lying down it could be something as straight forward as sciatica or a trapped nerve- I know I had all sorts of aches and pains lugging my son around. Best advice is to speak to your MS nurse or consultant and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction x

1 year ago

Hi @whitneyjones
optic neuritis – been there done all that got the Tshirt
Dec ’15 within two days 20/20 vision to totally blind in one eye, & very blurry in the other (proffessional graffic designer who loves to drive – so not helpful ) steriods worked to the point that they are now both blurry,
my headaches also partly came from eye strain as the eyes tried working to compensate, for a short time an eye patch on my very bad eye did work, I did feel like a dick though, but it’s a good visual aid to non MSers to show that you’re actually ill, but headaches could also be anything, inc’ stress, tension, ask a Doc’
you have younfg children so there’s no wonder it’s freaked you out, ON is scary & this is also an MS symptom, see it as one & get help for the freaking out,
talking to your other half is a trickier one, without knowing him / situation, I’ve no idea how he’ll reacted, but in my experience closing them out & keeping quiet certainly didn’t work for me.
You know him trust yourself to know how to introduce him to the
“wonderful world of MS”
(that’s where I needed a sarcasm emoji)

All that being said – you’re on here, you’re posting & you’re certainly not alone


1 year ago

I took the in steroids form my ON for 3 days then took the lesser dose pills for 8 days to help my vision. After 2-3 weeks I went back to having 20/20 vision. I was told that steroids doesn’t make the eyes get any better than they otherwise would have but it would just speed up the process.

As mentioned above please look into if a DMT is right for you! Best wishes!

I had optic neuritis that started October 29th and I took the 3 day steroids through IV and it took a while to clear up. I was only able to see again after almost a month of waiting 🙁 hope it all works out for you ❤

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