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Joint issues

Hi there.
I have been having issues with my left leg which I’m sure is spasticity. I am now limping because of it and stairs are a no no. I also have clicky joints, particularly knees and hips. Does anyone else experience this?
Thank you!

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3 years ago

@chloeautumnx , one of the symptoms of MS can be foot drop (

As mentioned, we compensate for this by lifting more at the hip and twisting the knee. So, clicky joints, which are being used in an unnatural way are to be expected.

Do mention it at you next appointment. It would be good if you could be given the once over by a Neuro-physio, to ascertain what is and isn’t working properly. They can prescribe exercises to address any weaknesses.

3 years ago

There are several options to sort the dropped foot – depending on how switched-on your neuro team are, you may be offered one or more of them – otherwise you’ll have to demand loudly via your GP or physio! 1) a simple orthotic called a Foot-up 2)a standard ankle orthotic AFO); 3)an FES device (Functional Electrical Stimulation), which lifts the foot through a stimulation of the affected nerve. FES is only available through specialist centres and, to their shame, not all PCTs fund them. Your GP can refer you to the nearest centre. I used this successfully for many years – it’s a bit of a pain to do but it does the business! You’re right that the joints will be affected and this may lead to other problems, which are not the MS itself but come because you are not in alignment and are likely straining your musculo-skeletal frame. This happened to me – nine years of poor gait has pretty well done for the knee. Fortunately I was referred to a really good physio/orthotist who got me a different kind of orthotic Dynamic Walk). This has sorted both the dropped foot and the busted knee, but you’re probably not at that stage yet. Do get a referral to a neuro-physio: don’t wait for it to get worse.

3 years ago

@chloeautumnx – I have drop foot on LHS as well. Stairs can be a challenge, along with constantly scanning for rugs, uneven surfaces etc.!

Recently got a AFO device made. Helps solve drop foot for sure, however it can’t (at least for me) be used for driving a manual transmission car.

Mind you, it does make walking more manageable, stabilizing lower leg/foot. The Provincial (Canada) Government even flipped the bill for it! Cost was approx. $400.00 Cdn!

My drop foot started at the end of November 2014. Foot exercises, along with semi regular gym visits has enabled me to walk better. Things are improving for sure.

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