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Hello Everyone,
I live now in Co. Mayo.
Was diagnosed with MS on my 40th Birthday 2006.
My then neurologist & I discussed medication, decided on 20mg Copaxone daily injection.
At that time I was crawling physically, suffering symptoms for six years previous I had no idea of what they were connected with, yes I attended a doctor in 2000 my son then just 4 months, my gait was off, I walked as though I was heavily pregnant, I was then sent to another hospital (up the road across a cpl of roundabouts) The doctor on duty I knew as he used to practice in the Village I worked & lived in. He went through the symptoms & because the locam doc at home in her letter felt I suffered GBS, the hospital doctor agreed with this. No tests were done what so ever.
Up & out to work the following day legs still numb right up to past the mid back, including the stomach & feet.
It wasn’t til early Spring 2006 driving home from work my eyesight was weird seeing 2 of everything I knew the road & where I could safely pull off same, waited approximately 45 minutes it was dbl vision it thankfully subsided
Doc thought it my eyesight I had just got new prescription glasses for distance, had to go get another different prescription lenses.
Then the back pain becoming physically locked unable to move that would subside in minutes.
Woke up bank holiday morning in the August left side of my face looked dropped as though a stroke took place though the night
Off to doc Neurology appointment fast.
At the time there was a three month waiting list for Vincrnts, six month waiting for Bon Secours Galway nine month for somewhere else can’t remember, my mother got on the phone had me for an appointment within a week in Bon Secours Kerry docs secretary faxed his letter on immediately.
The Neurologist there straight away suspected MS. Booked an MRI which confirmed her suspicion.

I’m sorry for being so long winded. There’s piles I’ve left out but, if anyone would like to ask me anything please do, don’t be shy.
I’ve had my falls, suffered a bunch of different symptoms.
Thank you for taking the time to read this & thank you ‘shift ms’, by luck last night you were advertised to me. Fortunate for me thank you kindly.
Jane 😊

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4 months ago

Hi @jane-watts, sorry to hear you have been dealing with all of this. I am from Roscommon originally and have been to Mayo a few times. That’s great u got a neurologist in the West which will be easier for you to travel to. I had the double vision when I was diagnosed first, it’s scary. It’s still there when i’m Very fatigued. I also have gait problems and I attend an osteopath which helps but does not last and I have to keep going back which is expensive. You said you have suffered a bunch of other symptoms, i have too so I can be if any help let me know. Ann Marie x

4 months ago

Hi and welcome @jane-_watts . I wouldn’t wish this diagnosis on anyone, even my worst enemy, but you had yours several years ago and hopefully are used to it by now. It might have taken you a while to find us but you’re here now. Hopefully you’ve had all your niggles explained, the one good thing about a diagnosis of ms is you are finally told you weren’t going nuts when you had double vision, dropped things cos you fingers didn’t work etc., but now you’re here, we’re all quite safe, you can rant, moan, cry, celebrate, whatever floats your boat, we don’t judge, are always here for a natter or a question and remember, with ms there’s no such thing as a silly questionπŸ‘πŸ˜›πŸ˜

4 months ago

You are so kind I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Ur only up the road from me, how wonderful I’m so pleased you found me
I’m still learning how to use this group I’ve made a few cock ups, not technically minded you see.πŸ™„
I hate MS with a passion hate the symptoms but plunder on making a joke of it
I feel it for the younger ppl it’s not fair to them suffering this wondering of their future. Frightened some are, can you blame em? Nor I.
God i remember the years of mental worry physical torture doing Santa, working hard through it all (was 33 months married found I was 3 months pregnant ,,,,, (he didn’t want to know,,,, so better off I walked away)
I look back now & wonder how did I keep going, working, caring for my baby raising him, how I got through with a smile on my gace I’ve no idea.
Grandma you never become accustomed to this disease it’s impossible, just take it as it comes.
How are you doing?
Thank you again for your message it means a lot
I’ll get this group figured out ASAP so I don’t make any more blunders πŸ˜΅πŸ™„πŸ˜‚πŸ’œx

4 months ago

@grandma my mistake see another blunder I’ve got to reply to Leogirl who is just down the road. Good I’ll never get this sorry grandma aside from thinking you’re down the road I’m ok with the test I typed ,,,,, gulp I hope πŸ˜΅πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

4 months ago

Hi @jane_watts and welcome.

Don’t worry too much about making the odd mistake on this Forum. You’re not the first to make a mistake and you won’t be the last.

We’re very forgiving and understanding. πŸ˜‰

4 months ago

You are jrom just down the road from me this is seriously wonderful.
Thank you for your friend request I genuinely appreciate this.
I’m so sorry you have dbl vision at times & yes bloody fatigue is a curr. Been there too. Fatigue heightens the symptoms I feel it for you. It’s not easy to get through but you will life will seem easier untill the next bout. Focus on coming through this first. You need plenty of rests it’s like as though the body is charging it’s battery, that was my experience at the time.
I attended physio do it at home now each
Actually living here not only as you say it’s expensive but, also MS needs are not being met. Rural areas no public transport so book a taxi & they’d fleece you in price.
I’m not from Mayo just live here for my sins πŸ™„πŸ˜‚
I haven’t attended an appointment with my neurologist lately. First last year the leaving cert Sept gone college prep I’m telling you the list becomes endless πŸ˜‚ perhaps it’s as well keeps us all going in a way
Roscommon is beautiful gosh I was there some years ago & fell in love with it.
Leogirl I apologise if I’ve bored you to tears….. Oh one more thing, have you a S.A.D. light? I found it benefits with fatigue it might help you.
Hope I hear you again. Mind yourself again thank you. πŸ’œx
p.s sorry for delay answering, between eyes & such small type so many mistakes had to constantly go back over again and again πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

4 months ago

Thank you, you are kind.
Just as well it’s a forgiving forum other wise I’d be out on my ear πŸ˜‚
Thank you for accepting me here.

4 months ago


Thanks for your reply. I’v sent you my phone number if you want to call me if that’s easier for you. I will be free all day tomottow or the weekend. X

4 months ago

@leogirl thank you yes I’ll phone you delighted too.
It’s so lovely to speak with someone who understands what we’re all going through
Chat soon hoping tomorrow til then 🎈 Jane x

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