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Its coz I's coz I"m Scottish in it?

Hi all.
Before I go seriously into one, a big shout out to all the physio guys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting lately, thank you all.
They are the guys that have taken any real notice of me, not just the symptoms or the disease. Oh and my GP. Me as a person.
The good people above have both basically told me to put myself under the care of Kings in London as my local never out of special measures hospital in partnership with Kings are pretty much letting me down, and I should complain, they both work under it to a degree and that’s scaring me to be honest, the Neuro physio works in it!
I’ve been dx by letter since 20 December happy Xmas eh! Not had any correspondence with them since. Just a list of meds to take and MS nurse will sort the rest out, here’s some books I’ll see you in three months bye oh some appointments will come through for you soon. A month and a half later hadn’t heard a jot. Rang the nurse no answer no reply left messages nahda.
Stuck a letter of complaint in guess what a whole load of appointments come through but no reply to complaint yet, amazing tho eh?
I saw the Neuro Physio this morning for the first time, he’s basically told me my meds aren’t up to the job. My right leg and ankle are almost knackered due to my spastissasy my ankle and foot are starting to point in with little or no movement.
I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself at the beginning of the year thinking I’m putting a bit of weight back on and getting a bit more toned even got a 4 pack, I’m not that vain! 4 is fine . Only to be informed that it’s my whole body tightening up, that’s why I ache so much bummer !
So any who how do you go about jumping ship or do I take them head on?
I’m in the mood for a scrap but is it worth it? Que Bono?
Thanks for reading sorry for waffling on.
Keep smiling!

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8 months ago

@highlander , your GP should be able to arrange an alternative referral for you. It’s your prerogative to request it.

I wouldn’t bother taking them on. You don’t need the stress. Just move on. ๐Ÿ˜‰

8 months ago

Hi @highlander ๐Ÿ‘‹

Really, sorry to hear you’re getting such a crap deal atm. It sucks. however, I agree with @stumbler – it’s not worth the hassle to go all guns blazing on them. Keep the heid! Don’t forget – you need to keep as stress-free as poss (I know – far far easier said than done) as it’s NOT GOOD AT ALL for us. You’re new to MS, so let it slide and concentrate on learning more about how you can best manage things whilst the medical peeps sort their ๐Ÿ’ฉ out. Unfortunately, you’re not alone – lots of us have it like this to start off with.

PM me anytime – I’ll always listen and try to help. Everyone on here is great – ask away when you feel you need help. Use the search engine (magnifying glass in the top left corner) – there’s TONS of knowledge and views on here. We’re all more or less in the same boat and there’s lots of support.

Stay cool.

Suze x ๐Ÿ‘Š

8 months ago

Hello @highlander, 5ere is such a marked disparity in the level of care around the U.K., itโ€™s unreal. I think most of us have to do our fair share of chasing up and phone calls, but it seems like even the basics arenโ€™t in place for you! A diagnosis by post is shocking, and that needs to change. Have you tried the PALS department at your hospital, they should be able to help fast-track a complaint. And no, I donโ€™t think it is because you is Scottish, innit! X

8 months ago

Thanks guys and gals Very much obliged, thanks.
On a good note! One small victory…..finally aloud to leave the seat up with out getting moaned at! HAPPY DAYS !!!
Keep smiling.

8 months ago

I agree with @vixen – do try PALS – that is exactly what they are there for!

Take it easy x ๐Ÿ˜Š

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