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For the last couple of weeks I’ve felt like I have spiders crawling all over my face and head 🙁 its driving me bonkers!!!!!!! I can’t scratch it though as it feels like my skin is really badly sunburned, even the ends on my fingers are sore….has anyone else had this?!

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I get the sunburn feeling and I definitely get the spiders running over my skin…thought typically all over my body when I’m trying to fall asleep. But I don’t get both the sunburn and spiders at the same time typically.

Both are very annoying and a pain in the a** to deal with.

Mine is definately worse on a night but it’s continuing after I’ve woken up this morning…

I tend to get itching on my forearms. Itching itching itching !!
Such that in my sleep I scractch it and wake up in the morning looking like I have spent the night fighting with our cat! Anti-itching E45 helps loads – maybe psychologically only, but i dont care. I have ruled it out as an allergy too in the usual way.

Hi @scotkiwi

I get this too, across my entire left arm, hand and shoulder, and right over my back on the left side. I get it mostly at night, and it’s so bad I have to get up, there’s no way I can go back to sleep. Fortunately for me I work from home, so go into my office for a couple of hours and do some work until it passes.

It’s weird, as when I look at my arm, my brain tells me it should be red raw with inflammation – but there’s nothing. Perfectly normal. Funny that E45 works for you – but there you go – what an odd disease this is!


Hey @aardvark,
Yea E45 is good – which is why at first I thought it was an allergy of some sort. But after blood tests, food diaries etc… its just another joyful aspect of my condition I get to “enjoy”…
Enjoy your weekend mate – its bucketing with rain here in Edinburgh!

I often find myself rubbing my back against the door frame like a horse to relieve an itch I get in the middle of my back. The other odd sensation I get is like water running down the middle of my back, as if my hair was wet and dripping, when it’s perfectly dry. Neither are painful or fatal, just odd (as are the looks I get if anyone walks in while I’m relieving myself with the doorframe).

i’ve been left with this in my right arm and hand. my last relapse took the motor skills from my hand, when the movement started to return the itching came along with it. if you look up the nerves of the arm on an anatomy book i can trace the exact nerves because of the irritation; from my fingers along my forearm across my shoulder and into a point where it all converges in my shoulder blade. it’s so horrible what really gets me is that it sometimes gets triggered by thinking about something, not a thing as specific as the itching or my arm but something kind of imperceivable like a memory and it’ll set it off

Hi @meg I get that running water thang occasionally too – it’s really odd as it feels uncannily like the real thing. Kinda freaks me out actually! Anyway, now trying to loose the mental image of you relieving yourself with the doorframe 🙂

@funnybank I’ve never seen that page from the anatomy book, but I think I could draw it. I could certainly draw it on my skin – it’s so strange – this disease sure gives you an above average insight into the nervous system lol

@scotkiwi that running water thing you’re experiencing isn’t neurological, it’s because you live in Scotland lol. Hasn’t rained down here in the south for a couple of days but the wind is HONKING!

Guys you have helped me out there my laft forearm has been itching for about a week and it wont stop i wasnt sure if it was Marks and Spencers or not ( my pet name for it).

Dan you just made me chuckle! Marks and Spencers!!!! an alternative name for MS, thats fab!!! I dont like “multiple sclerosis” t sounds awful, am going to use that one!

I have CRF (chronic renal failure) and us folk often suffer from itchy skin, and restless leg syndrome (twitchy limbs) which is commonly to be linked to high phosphate or high or low calcium as well as other electrolyte imbalances. The itchy skin is quite common, and irritating.
Could be worth getting these checked as well as PTH levels (parathyroid) as those crazy glands help manage calcium in your body, among other things. Also look at poss side effects from meds. I sometimes get a running water down my legs feeling when walking, which is very strange…
Always check with your doc, etc etc:)

I always call it “fake itching” since there is nothing really there. Goes along with my “fake burning”, RLS, random tingles… My neuro gave my Neurontin (gabapentin) and it quiets all of the above quite nicely.

I will add – I was prescribed 300mg before sleep for the RLS, but I requested it in 100mg capsules, so I can take it in lower doses as needed for any sudden onset of neuro pain and/or “fake-whatever”

I’m just waiting to hear back from my MS nurse, I think I’m relapsing again 🙁 got the copy of my clinic letter today too and the consultant has diagnosed rapidly evolving severe relapsing remitting MS. Awaiting another MRI for definate diagnosis and have to have the JCV antibody test as an eligible for tysabri. My head is a mess today 🙁

Neurontin works for me, I take 2400mg a day.does not stop it all but helps a lot. My itching moves around from place to place. Thought it was just me. Oh and water running out of my ankle once in a while even makes me think my foot is wet. Good luck!

Ophelia good luck and all the best to you

l thought l was going mad this week with itching all over my body but reading these comments has calmed my distress.

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