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Is this urinary retention?

Hi all, sorry if this is TMI but don’t know who else to ask. Basically for the last couple of weeks when I go for a wee (not every single time) it feels like there’s still urine stuck in my urethra, almost as if there’s a bung at the end. Takes a few manoeuvres and minutes later for mr to clear. I can then go back 5-10 minutes later and it’s as if I never went in the first place.I have had back pain recently but sent in a Urine sample because i think it’s because of my copaxone (it’s listed as a common side effect) and knew the first thing my nurse would ask is to check for a UTI. It came back clear. My nurse is really hard to contact but starting to wonder if the back pain is due to a lesion which is subsequently causing urine retention or if it’s just coincidence because I’m over thinking it. I’m obviously worried because of the prospect of self catheterisation as a resolution but wanted your opinion before I try get the inevitable appointment. Thank you all x

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2 years ago

You could ask your GP or nurse to refer you to the continence team who can do a simple ultrasound.

I was referred as I kept getting UTI’s and found them to be really helpful. I’ve had a few bladder scans and they are quick and totally non invasive. It will give you an answer one way or another.

2 years ago

@jessvf14 , I agree with @sandwich, get yourself referred to the continence team.

It does sound like urine retention, which may be putting pressure on your kidneys. Hence the pain in your back. Personally, I’m not medical, so that’s just my thought.

Self-catheterising does sound alien and uncomfortable. But, if you need to do it, you’ll enjoy the relief it can give you. It’s well worth adopting this, if you need to.

Anyway, the female catheter is a lot more “petite” than what I have to use! 😉

2 years ago

Will add Jess if it is retention there are other things they can look at before resorting to catheters such as exercises and a minor op to widen the urethra. Best to get it checked out because if you are retaining it will be putting pressure on your kidneys.

I’ve also had a dipstick urine test come back negative for infection but when cultured it did show I had one.

2 years ago

Sounds similar to an issue that I had, except those extra bits of pee would suddenly hit me on the bus home. They diagnosed an overactive bladder and put me on Solifinacin to control it. Generally works, but a lot of the work is learning to manage your body’s rhythms.

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