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Is this the ms hug

Hi all
Started with bad pain across my back going into my front just under the bust also get sharp shooting pains in my chest was wondering if anyone else suffered with this
Feel like I’m going bonkers sometimes
Also have burning sensation in my right ear going on to the right side of my face

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3 years ago

@dawnpxx , hugs are normally warm and friendly, but not this one. It’s caused by spasms of the intercostal muscles between your ribs. Some more infor here :-

Burning and sensory pains are unfortunately all part and parcel of MS. It could be your body’s way of asking you to slow up and have a rest. 😉

3 years ago

Thanks for your reply stumbler you are a wealth of knowledge and I just had to Google how to spell knowledge even though I know how to lol
If it persists I think it’s a visit to the doctors and a call to the ms nurse

3 years ago

Hi @dawnpxx
I suffer from the MS hug. It started off very occassionally but now I get it most days. It catches me off guard and I feel like I can;t breath properly. When it hits, I feek it on the left side of my chest, underneath my breast bone. I just sit down, take slow breaths and wait for it to pass but it can be a number of hours for me. It really isn’t nice is it?
Take care x

3 years ago

It has been the most painful, and I mean PAINFUL part of my MS experience. Pregablain, tramadol, baclofen, xanax, and rest are all required to settle this pain to a tolerable level. It feels like stabbing open wounds when at it’s worse. I have tried several individual and combinations of drugs to determine this for me. Everyone is different. I read where one patient found relief with lanacaine patches. I get the hug most days and always if I do anything even slightly physical that requires using rib and torso muscles. I have often been brought to tears by this pain.

3 years ago

Sounds like it @dawnpxx .. 🙁 it is such an awful pain like someone had taken your diaphragm in their hand and was squeezing it really tight. Let us know if your MS nurse suggests anything for it, touch wood (taps head) I haven’t had one for a while now.. don’t know why really but found caffeine in a glass of coke can threaten a hug (the horrible one not the nice one..) so I avoid caffeine now. Best of luck sorting yours out.

3 years ago

I’ve been suffering with the Ms hug for well over a year now it does ease off from time to time but it’s always there. When it first appeared it was really uncomfortable and painful a lot like yours @ dawnpxx the only I can describe this discomfort is that it would like having a red hot poker being pushed through my ribs at my back and out through my ribs at the front,not that I’ve had a red hot poker pushed through me and not do I want one,it was also very sensitive to the touch and even having a shower was painful. Fortunately the pain has stopped but the tightness of the hug is ever present but bearable now,I hope the discomfort goes away soon for you @ dawnpxx.

3 years ago

I’m exactly the same @jonesbear. Although mine can completely go. you have described it so well. Thank you for that. 🙂
Hope you feel better soon @dawnpxx

3 years ago

I’ve experienced the same symptoms accompanied with extreme dizziness every time the prickling pain set off. This was going on and off for about 2 months. I’m wondering if MS hug is considered to be a relapse? Hope you are feeling better x

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