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is this a relapse ?


Posting in this forum after a while.

My initial symptoms when I was diagnosed with MS were Really stiff left hand fingers which persisted for few months. Post the steroid treatment and months of disciplined food intake my Stiffy FIngers went away but few others symptoms appeared.

Until a couple of days ago I was doing just fine, when suddenly I felt a chest pain which last for 2 days. Then Suddenly I had back Pain ( which I never had) that also lasted for about 2 days. Until now I could only feel Stiffy Feeling only in my arms.

Now I feel both my thighs getting super stiff when I suddenly stand after sitting. Also for couple of minutes when I start walking there is heavy resistance but it eventually fades away while I walk. My entire left side of the body feels a bizzare sensation including my left stomach which when I try to hold feels like theres something different about the touch and feel .

As of now when I am typing I have severe resistance in fingers of my both hands.

So Scared right now 🙁 ..

So, is this a relapse ? I am here in India, its about 45 Degree Celsius temperature outside. My office temperature is about 20 Degree Celsius. Serious Fluctuation in temperatures 🙁 .

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1 year ago

Hi @healthymindandsoul .

Here’s a good webpage that describes what is a relapse:-

The symptoms you’re experiencing may be able to be relieved with stretching. So, if you’re still practising yoga, some targeted poses may be beneficial.

Given the severe heat, you could be suffering from Uhthoff’s Phenomenon ( , so possibly some cooling techniques may help here.

If you’re still practising Pranayaama, then this would be beneficial in allowing you to de-stress. Stress and MS just don’t live comfortably together.

Have you had an MRI scan recently? This would allow you to know whether the MS is progressing or not. It may allow you to initiate a discussion with your Neuro regarding changing your medication to one of the more effective medications available.

I had MRI done in March 2017. The original lesion was gone. One new lesion on found in Brain. Nothing in Spine. My neuro was fairly happy to see lesser activity. This just comes as a surprise. I was on Avonex and now shifted to plegridy. Hoestly I have not been taking any of them because of side effects and work travel.

1 year ago

@healthymindandsoul , any new lesions are bad news and a sign of disease progression. Any progression is a reason to review your medication.

DMTs are powerful drugs and we have to expect some side effects when we start taking them. The side-effects should be short-lived. However, they have to be taken regularly to be effective.

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