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Is this a relapse ???

This is my first time posting, so forgive if I rattle on. I was diagnosed December 2015 and it came quite unexpected I’m now 48. I was told that I’d probably had RRMS for 10 years. I am not on any medication and my ms nurse has told me that existing numbness can be heightened at times. But in the last few days I have experienced new symptoms of severe numbness in my bottom and …. front area ! Which are having a knock on effect as I can’t tell when I need the toilet. I’m not sure if this a new relapse which would be my first since diagnosis, I just don’t know how to tell the difference. Also has anyone else experienced numbness in this area.

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1 year ago

Hi @flick. I was diagnosed a few months after you. I’ve not experienced the symptoms that you’re having just now, but I think you should contact your Ms nurse for advice. My neuro consultant defines a relapse as ‘a new/flare up symptom which lasts for more than 24 hours’. I had a relapse in Dec and was put on steroids – they sorted the issue quite quickly thankfully. I hope you get sorted too & that it doesn’t last long. X

1 year ago

Yes, I did and it was awful! I was diagnosed nearly a year ago now. I had tingling, burning sensations that started in my feet and rapidly travelled up to just under my rib cage and the ‘Ms hug’. The hug was tight, like wearing a corset only without the benefits but the worst feeling was the numbness around the ‘bottom area-front and back’ which is what led me back to the Drs (I’d had strange sensations 5 years earlier which was put down to peripheral nerve damage). My Dr suggested that I tried Gabapentin and although it didn’t take away all of my sensations thankfully the first ones it seemed to deal with was the ‘bottom’ ones-took a few days but it did work.
You need to definitely get in touch with your MS nurse or your Dr as they will be able to help!
Good luck and I hope things soon start to improve. X

1 year ago

@flick Yes! I was diagnosed summer 2016 after a bad dose of optic neuritis. However, early in 2015 I had been to the doctor with numbness which started in my left fingers, spread to my left hand, foot, all the way up my left leg to my left bum cheek and then to the whole of my bottom (front and back!). At the time I had not long been taking an anti depressant and some googling revealed lots of people citing the same symptoms and linking them to this anti depressants which scared me- I took this info to the doctor and although she wasn’t convinced the medication had anything to do with it, she agreed I should come off it. Sure enough, over a period of about a month the feeling gradually returned (all except for the tips of my fingers in my left hand) and I assumed that it had been caused by the anti depressants. I realise now that actually it was a relapse of my then undiagnosed MS and always would have got better, whether I’d been taking the anti depressants or not! Obviously with steroids it probably would have cleared up quicker than the 10-12 weeks it took on its own. Go and see your MS nurse and discuss- and perhaps look at going on a DMT to try and prevent further relapse as best you can? Good luck.x

1 year ago

Contact your MS nurse by phone and explain what’s happening, potentially if could be active disease and they should check for this with a brain and full spine MRI – the nerve endings which can cuase sensation issues like this are at C4/5 in the spine not the brain.
I’ve had similar relapse and lesion load confirmed for these sensations (or lack of them) fortunately since I had my treatment it’s all gone back to normal xxx

1 year ago

Thanks for the replies. Good to know not alone. Still waiting on nurse getting back to me. Symptoms havnt got any better. Will let you know how it goes.

1 year ago

Hi @flick and welcome.

Don’t wait too long for the MS Nurse to get back to you. A polite chase is always in order tp keep things moving.

After all, it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil! 😉

1 year ago

If I need to see my MS nurse quickly I drop her a text and invite her to Costa Coffee a cup of tea and a piece of cake is a small price for convenience xx

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