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Is MS painful?

My GP and MS consultant and nurse all agree that MS is not, usually, a painful condition. I am in constant back pain which they all say can’t be due to my MS. But neuropathic pain is part of MS. Is anyone else in pain? and what do you do about it?

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6 years ago

What a bunch of rubbish. Tell them to have a little read on here. And they’ll see a lot of people suffer pain due to ms. I dont know about constant pain but I think only very few of us have expierienced a totally pain free MS version. Sorry to hear you’re in pain i hope you feel bit better soon!!

6 years ago

Back pain is fairly common with ms due to lesions on the spinal column.

I don’t see how they can possibly even suggest that it’s a painless condition, especially in their profession, they of all people should realize how varied it is.

6 years ago

so strange ive just logged on now as im wide awake due to back pain. i ve been suffering back pain in exactly the same part of my back(lower base) for bout a year now and everytime i bring it up with my consultant or gp its always “its not your ms ms doesnt cause back pain” i dont except it and reading on here has convinced me even more im right but what can i do ?

6 years ago

my ms team recognise neuro pain – i have it in my legs and was prescribed gabapentin – i have weaned myself off meds now but know it is an option again in the future if i need it.

Maybe print some stuff off ready for your next appt to show them – i had to argue once that i was having a reaction to a DMD when my consultant continually said i was depressed and suffering from panic attacks – i printed off all the research showing the reaction i was suffering from really did exist and that i did not need anti depressants and was not having panic attacks. Needless to say he conceded the point!!!!!! 🙂

6 years ago

Yes, MS is painful.
Spasticity (constant feeling of stiffness)is painful even when controlled.
Numbness & Tingling can be painful
Shooting pains & Cramping
Headaches (because you cannot see properly)
Backaches (because your gait is not proper)

I am sure the list can be added to by many of us here but maybe this is the start. Take to your Doctors. If they do not listen, GET NEW ONES.

6 years ago

I’ve read a lot of articles and such saying that MS isn’t painful. Its impressive that so many professionals and specialist don’t seem to realize that MS does cause pain.

6 years ago

i get muscle spasms in my neck and back and ms hug. my last relapse left me with the sensation in my right arm and hand that my skin had been sandblasted off and acid poured over my skin whenever i touched anything. i’m not a wimp i’ve had two of my baby’s with paracetamol as pain relief. i have been crying with pain for weeks now, but it has subsided, my hand feels like it’s been pumped up like a balloon and my skin is too tight. neuro has written to gp to suggest tablets but i’m still breastfeeding so will wait until the boy’s weaned. the neuro said that 1 in 5 people with ms experience pain, maybe he meant neuropathic pain rather than muscle spasms, which i would imagine everyone experienced. hope you feel better soon

6 years ago

Same here Aaron, lower back pain, this Ive had for probably about 8 months, I am sure it is because my walking has gradually got worse, unfortunatly I cannot take any stronger opiate drugs as I take LDN. I do not get any other pain with MS, mine is mainly spacticity in the legs and footdrop, I did not know that lesions cause back pain, thats a new one on me!
Has any body got any usefull tips for lower back pain??? Ive tried sleeping on my back but all I want to do is curl up and stretch my back the other way! Ive had my back checked out by a phisio friend and there is absolutely nothing mechanically wrong with it, just lower muscular pain

6 years ago

Loulou I originally said ‘Due to lesions’, I should have perhaps phrased that more distinctly. No pain is directly attributable to ms lesions, the lesions cause the damage and then the damage results in pain/aches/fatigue/spasms etc.

To quote:-
“In fact, various medical conditions cause back pain, including multiple sclerosis, edema, and so on.”

Referenced from here:-

6 years ago

Thanks so much. I didn’t think I was the only one! Sorry to hear so many have to put up with pain aswell. I’ll try to educate my professionals but I don’t think it’s an area that gets much attention.

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